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March 18th,  2006   

Constance Cumbey

Hidden Dangers of The Rainbow


Constance Cumbey 03.18 1st

Constance Cumbey 03.18 2nd


Constance Cumbey is a active Michigan lawyer,  she is the author of the first major critical books about the New Age Movement, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism (1983); A PLANNED DECEPTION: The Staging of a New Age Messiah (1986). Mrs. Cumbey first came into prominence about a year ago following the well publicized, full‑page ''Lord Maitreya" ads inserted into major newspapers around the world by the Tara Center. She says the Antichrist who is to come is Lord Maitreya, a deity of Eastern and occultic lore, whom Cumbey believes is now incarnate (via demon possession). Our discussion will include The Aquarian Conspiracy and her version of the worldwide New Age movement.  Currently, she is  completing a volume about Javier Solana, the Barcelona Process, Israel and the European Union. Constance has been in frequent demand for TV interviews, radio talk shows, and church appearances.

Guest website

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March 11th,  2006  

Jeffrey Morgan Foss

48 Year Peaceful Alien Contact


Jeffrey Foss March 11 1st hr

Jeffrey Foss March 11 2nd hr


Jeffrey Morgan Foss says at at the age of two in 1959, he looked up and saw a Grey leaning over him with an emerald green motion x-ray screen showing his vital organs . Then he left his body to see himself being scanned from the corner of the table because he was startled.

At age five, an even more profound experience took place. It was September 1963, two months before JFKs unfortunate demise. He was standing in his yard at Beverly MA staring at his red and green jungle gym, contemplating whether to brave a climb. Looking up above it, a "V" shaped craft of brilliant metal like a mirror with white running lights and slender orange lit domes on the upper and outer sides just sat there in the sky without making a sound. Then along a wide flaring ghostly white beam came two grays who escorted him up into the craft. A visitor council of worlds recognizes our rather awkward beginning for official media age first contact. There was the Orson Well's War of the Worlds vintage panic followed by a desperate world war. The media age had dawned with a bang and now the stage was set for mass paranoia plus capitalism--a most destructive combination. On the other side of the fence from the visitors perspective, a paranoid civilization on a blue planet is delving into space folding and weapons of genocide, policies supporting greed, tyranny and environmental and planetary devastation--not a very good report card for man to enter a much larger world.  There is a plan. 

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March 4th,  2006   

Captain Eric May

Ghost Troop Cyber Intelligence Founder


Captain May 03.04.06 1st hour

Captain May 03.04.06 2nd Hr.


Captain May's Opinion


Captain Eric H. May's Army background includes specialties in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare; military intelligence; and public affairs. His last assignment was to the general staff of the 75th Division, and in the years afterwards he has worked as a successful media writer (for NBC and The Wall Street Journal) and a Houston-based ghost writer for corporate and political VIP's. Since the beginning of the Iraq War, he has been working constantly to evaluate the 911 Cabal that seized control of the USA on 911, and has worked extensively on the codes it uses in the media -- which he calls the "embedded code." He has founded a renowned cyber-unit, Ghost Troop, which has predicted and sometimes altered devastating US events, brought on by the 911 Cabal. He and his Ghost Troops, many of them veterans like him, are on a "mission of conscience," in obedience to the oath that they took to protect and defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  In the last month, Captain May and Ghost Troop have broken up an attempt by the Bush Regime to nuke Texas City, Texas as a trigger for a nuclear World War Three, and are now conducting an inquest into the attempted mass murder.

Captain Eric May's  cyber-intelligence unit has been engaged in trying to determine the time and target for the next 911, which the controlled media duly informs us, daily, isn't a matter of IF but of WHEN.  He believes his members had  accurately  predicted a 1/31-2/2, 2006 window of attack on Texas City, Texas, in conjunction with federal nuclear attack exercises that were scheduled out of Ft. Monroe, Virginia. 

The day after their prediction window of 1/31-2/2 began, US Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams showed up on the beaches of Galveston, south by ten miles from Texas City.  The odds against this happening by random chance are astronomical. 

Captain Eric H. May, MI / PAO, USA

CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+

Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

Show Comments


Your interview with Captain Eric May was FANTASTIC! You have got to have this man on your show again. I feel he has a lot more to say, but he just couldn't fit it all into 2 hours. You asked him great questions too, which drew out some more important information. Thank you very much for having the " _alls" to do this interview. It shows you really care.



"Hello Daniel.
I wanted to thank you for asking the Captain my question. You are a rare breed sir as you are one of the very few that actually believes in free speech. You have found your self a new fan of your show. It means a lot to have free speech, and in these times of blanket censorship and disinformation one must seek out freedom of thought were every they can. Your great!



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February 25th, 2006 

Daniel kicks back and rambles on



Daniel Ott 02.25.06



February 25th, 2006 

James Sundquist

Who's Driving the Purpose Driven Church?


James Sundquist 02.25.06

James Sundquist is the founder of Rock Salt Publishing.   He is the author of  Who's Driving the Purpose Driven Church? published by Bible Belt Publishing, Southwest Radio Church, now in its fifth printing.   His book is available at swrc.com and Amazon.   Most recently he published a documentary entitled: Rick Warren's Global Peace Plan vs. Scripture.  He has been a featured guest on about a thousand radio stations addressing Purpose Driven Church and Church Growth Movement teachings and practices; and the infiltration of Carl Jung and Psychology into the church in which he demonstrates these to be a clear and present danger to the church. He was the founder of another musical production company where he was the executive producer, composer, guitarist, and developer of health maintenance compliance software for such clients as SONY, NORDICTRACK, and Prevention Magazine. 

His innovative musical production work has been featured on All Things Considered on NPR, Comcast Newsmakers, The Washington Post and several hundred publications and networks around the world. He wrote and produced two documentaries on the history of hymns and Christmas carols (for which James was nominated for a Grammy for Best Album Notes) aired on National Public Radio, Calvary Satellite Network, Family Life Radio Network, Salem Broadcasting, and the Armed Forces Radio Network. James' first solo record album is entitled Freedom Flight, on Lamb & Lion Records for Pat Boone Productions.

James was also a Biblical commentator with astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner and Dr. Kent Hovind on a video Creation Series entitled: Age of the Earth for Creation Science Evangelism. Most recently he released an article entitled: Islamic Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus, Twenty Two Scriptural Reasons Why They Are Not The Same Jesus, featured on Andy Andersen Live, WMCA Radio in New York, MOODY BROADCASTING NETWORK and recommended by Calvary Contender Magazine and Berit Kjos, Editor, Christian Prophetic News Journal, Dr. Larry Spargimino, Southwest Radio Church, Power of Prophecy, Prophecy Update, and Dr. Ted Baehr, Director, Movieguide.

He also wrote and produced a documentary and video on Creation and Prophecy, entitled: CREATION & PROPHECY: Does God Expect Man To Be Able To Tell Time, aired on the Prophecy Club. James is a speaker and concert artist and has published other end times articles on various current issues.

James has written a number of documentaries exposing the false teachers. Some of his articles may be accessed at http://www.abrahamic-faith.com/False-Teachers.html


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February 18th, 2006   

Daniel Jennings

Supernatural  Occurrences of John Wesley


Daniel Jennings 02.18.06


Rev. Daniel R. Jennings is an author, minister, and researcher who has spent considerable time studying ancient and modern history as it relates to the Christian Church.  His research has unearthed many unusual historical events and trends that have been forgotten by modern society.  Always insightful, he has a keen eye for noticing the little details that are often overlooked in the study of history.  His research has ranged from the origins of ancient Christianity to the history of the werewolf phenomena as well as first hand experience with demon possession.  His current book is entitled The Supernatural Occurrences Of John Wesley and details the many miracles that Wesley (1703-1791), founder of the Methodist Church, recorded in his diary.  These include exorcisms, miraculous healings, persons passing out during his meetings, visions and dreams.  An ordained minister, Daniel R. Jennings has preached from pulpits in the United States, Great Britain and Mexico.  Recently, he was a featured guest on the radio program of the Protestant Alliance in Torreon, Mexico.  Besides his reasearch and ministerial work Daniel R. Jennings is also a patriot, having enlisted in the United States Air Force in his late twenties where he works as a Command Post Controller.



Guest Website


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February 11th, 2006   

Alan Watt

Global Elite Conspiracy


We had audio problems with the call. Here is e-mail we received after the show :


"Daniel,   When I tried to call back after hanging up to try and remedy the situation, I reached a voice recording of a woman saying "You have reached the NSA.  Please leave a message after the beep.  Press pound key to send message.  Message sent thank you.  (phone cuts off).  This happened five times, same thing before I reached you number and back on air. Alan Watt"


A listener from Missouri wrote: "Good show tonight. The telephone problem was the same as what happened on Jeff Rense. His guest was from England and the tele sounded like it was underwater at times. Could be part of the Iron Curtain going up, nothing will get in or out. I hope to God I'm wrong."


Alan Watt 02.11.06

The audio links below were recorded on Alan's side bypassing the interference with the studio feed.

Alan Watt 04.01.06


Alan Watt was born in Scotland, and from a young age asked questions left unanswered.  So he spent much of his time in libraries, at that time were full of books written in the 1700's and 1800's telling a tale of history left out of the modern texts.  Freemasonry was big in Scotland, so he saw much of the inner workings firsthand.  His aspirations led him into music, becoming a session guitarist, stage musician, classical guitarist and songwriter.  This led to many contacts with celebrities, officials, and those who controlled business from behind the scenes.  He was trained in a profession, as well, but chooses not to practice.  Now Alan resides in Ontario, Canada.  Since 1998, he's been a frequent guest on "Sweet Liberty," doing many radio shows with Jackie Patru, amongst other radio programs.  Cutting Through 1, 2, and 3 are his three books, available by mail order.  These go into the esoteric religion pointing to the fact that all religions have the same exact esoteric side.  All freemasonry and many other organizations are one as well.  He goes through the symbology to prove this, which has been widely copied by the big patriot superstars.  Alan also teaches certain individuals an esoteric explanation to the meaning of life.


Guest Website


Show Comments


And this from Canada: "Your interview with Alan Watt was one of the best you have ever done. You truly are a master interviewer. Thanks so much. What a great show. Too bad he faded out sometimes. Doesnt matter. Have to listen again and again. There was so much information"


"Hello Daniel, 

I just listened to the much improved interview audio with Alan Watt, it was just awesome! Also, your interview style is just evolving tremendously and you have such a keen insight to what the guests are trying to say, it is a pleasure to listen to you. 

Thank you so  much! "



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February 4th, 2006  

Kansas Westboro Church


Controversial method of protesting while predicting doom to the United States.


Fred Phelps Jr. 02.04.06


Fred Phelps Jr. practicing attorney and 40 year member of the Kansas Westboro Church will talk with Daniel about why his church protests in such an unusual and confrontational manner. Listen Saturday night as extremely controversial subject matter will be discussed. Mr. Phelps church and protest methods have single handedly forced various states to add new laws to their books. Find out why the media, the mainstream church, the government and of course every special rights groups imaginable verbalizes extreme prejudice against Westboro's beliefs and activities.  The Edge is probably one of only a handful of talk shows that would handle a show like this.




Note: we will only accept questions for the guest that are asked in the respectful tradition of The Edge's policy to allow different points of view and exude an intent to further honest dialog and discovery.



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January 28th, 2006

Col. Craig Roberts

  Waco, Oklahoma City, JFK, TWA 800


Col. Craig Roberts 01.28.06  



Colonel Craig Roberts former marine sniper, author and researcher  joins Daniel to discuss Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and more. He has been invited to be the key speaker at various law enforcement and military organizations, and has appeared in five programs on the History Channel ("Suicide Missions" and "Snipers" series, plus R. Lee Ermey's "Mail Call--Back to Vietnam").  Often heard on radio talk shows, Craig Roberts gives insight into global politics, military topics, analysis of geo-political affairs, and a myriad of topics ranging from criminal conspiracies to government corruption. Craig is the author of over a dozen books, which include "The Walking Dead: A Marine's Story of Vietnam," "One Shot--One Kill: America's Combat Snipers," "Combat Medic--Vietnam," "Police Sniper," "Hellhound," "Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza," "The Medusa File: Crimes and Coverups of the U.S. Government," and "JFK: The Dead Witnesses. He is a retired Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer, having served as a patrol officer, investigator, TAC (Swat) team member, bomb tech, and helicopter pilot. During this time he had a parallel career in the military, serving in the Army Reserve as an infantry officer and intelligence officer. He retired in 2000 as a lieutenant colonel.


Guest Website


 Craig Power  



Craig Power   01.07.06

Craig Power A.K.A powerup, asks the question is the New Testament true? Could Christians believers be following a Babylonian pagan myth and the real story of who Jesus/Yahshua was, be covered up and changed by Babylonian Mystery school hierarchy in an effort to universalise their Sun Gods belief on the unsuspecting masses.



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