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FEBRUARY 19th, 2005


Paganism & Apostasy in the Church


Feb. 19th, 2005 1st Hour

Feb. 19th, 2005 2nd Hour  

President of Wyatt Archaeological Research, Richard Rives discusses Sun worship that has always been the apostate form of worship that opposes the true worship of the Creator. The book Too Long in the Sun traces pagan sun worship from the time of the Chaldeans, through the civilizations of the Babylonians, Medo-Persians, the Grecians, Romans and  present day, documenting its influence upon today's "Christianity."

Do you worship the "Astarte, Queen of Heaven"? If you celebrate Easter, you might be shocked to find out the truth. Richard will discuss the origin of Christmas as well. Which is the Sabbath day? He will explain the very important connection between Mithraism and the paganizing of the true worship of God and His only begotten Son. Are you worshiping "another Jesus", don't answer until you hear what Richard has to say.                WARNING:   This show will shock your system, if you are easily offended do not listen to this broadcast.

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 FEBRUARY 12th, 2005


 Demon Possession & Eschatology


Feb. 12th, 2005 1st Hour

Feb. 12th, 2005 2nd Hour   

Dr. Carey is a former member of the United States Marine Corps (Vietnam era). Dr. Carey is the Executive President of the World Natural Health Organization and the founder and president of the Christian Works Ministry and the Institute for Christian Works Bible College and Seminary. Dr. Carey has a strong interest in the field of Crypto-Archeology and has several unique and interesting ideas and concepts dealing with the subject matter. In November 2001, Dr. Carey was part of a team of specialized counselors who went to New York City and did counseling work at the site of the World Trade Center disaster. His first book, The Darkness In The Light, established him as an expert in cults and brainwashing techniques. Since then he has written numerous articles and has done several seminars on the subject as well as guest appearances on several radio shows. The Quickening Begins, takes a unique and realistic look at the subject of eschatology, putting it into an easy to understand format so anyone can grasp a basic understanding of the subject of eschatology. Dr. Carey is presently at work on his next books, White Lies And Twisted Truths, which goes into detail with the beliefs and teachings of one specific cult, and Visions Of The Apocalypse, which will be his second book on the subject of eschatology. His second book on cults and brainwashing, And The Dead Shall Walk The Earth, will be available shortly. Dr. Carey is also working on a book about demonic influence and possession entitled, Paranoid Or Possessed? The Truth Concerning Demonic Influence and Possession.

Guest Websites:


World Natural Health Organization:

Fellowship of Christ International:


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 FEBRUARY 5th  2005


 Underground Bases-


February. 5th, 2005

    Interview Summary


Dr. Richard Sauder is the author of three books: the underground bestseller, Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?, which represents his first work on the underground bases issue, the esoteric Kundalini Tales, which deals with paranormal and mind control themes, and his latest book, Underwater and Underground Bases, which expands the scope of his earlier work to include military plans for manned bases and tunnels beneath the seafloor. He was the first person to systematically popularize the mysterious topic of underground, and then underwater,  bases and tunnels by delving into the open literature, government and industry paper trail.


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 JANUARY 29th 2005


Author Prophet of Doom-


Jan. 29, 2005  1st Hour

Jan. 29, 2005  2nd Hour   



Craig Winn is America’s most knowledgeable spokesperson on the connection between Islam and terror. 
Craig Winn exposes Islam’s scandalous beginnings and probes its darkest secrets. Using the religion’s own scriptures, he proves that Islam is a terrorist’s manifesto, and that Muhammad, Islam’s lone prophet, was a terrorist and what he discovered is shocking and more sinister than can be imagined!
Craig says the biggest deception is that Islam is a peaceful religion. He came to that conclusion after studying the Quran and Muhammad's own words. "His own words condemn him," Craig says. "September 11 happened because Muhammad is a terrorist." ... Craig says today's terrorists are less violent than Muhammad and that the record shows "Muhammad's life mirrored Hitler's." He says Muhammad practiced genocide, was a polygamist, a rapist, a pedophile, a liar - and said it was good to lie. But if you think this shows the fallacy of Islam, click on the audio file and hear what he has to say about the American Christian Church!

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 JANUARY 22nd, 2005


  911 Painful Questions


Jan. 22, 2005  1st Hour

Jan. 22, 2005  2nd Hour   


Flight 77

  • There is no evidence that the aircraft that hit the Pentagon was Flight 77.

  • There Pentagon's security cameras offer evidence that a Global Hawk was shattered by a missile. The missile may have been launched automatically from a defense system around the Pentagon.

The World Trade Center Towers

  • Explosives were placed in both towers before the attack to cause the towers to disintegrate into dust.

  • Explosives may have been detonated via radio by a computer in Building 7.

Building 7

  • It was a 47 story, steel-framed building that disintegrated at 5:30 PM, also from explosives.

  • The 23rd floor was the Mayor’s "Emergency Command Center," which had its own air supply. This appears to be the command center for the attack on the towers.

Why anybody would want a book about the 9-11 attack?
One reason:

 Senator Dayton's accusations  VIDEO LINK

Hugh Questions Website

Guest Website


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 JANUARY 15th, 2005


 The Hunt for Bigfoot AND Other Monsters


Jan. 15, 2005  1st Hour

Jan. 15, 2005  2nd Hour   


Peter's interest in the mythology and cultures of native peoples, led to a lifelong fascination with unknown mysteries: monsters, legendary animals and the supernatural. His 1992 film "The Spirit of the Mask" provided an unprecedented look at the fantastic world of Northwest Coast native masks and the spiritual messages they contain for our world. Hosted by bestselling author/ethnobotanist Wade Davis ("The Serpent and the Rainbow"), the film featured rarely seen native ceremonies. "Sasquatch Odyssey" came about through his interest in the "wildmen" myths of the world and discussions with producer Julie Lee about the life of Rene Dahinden and his 45 year search for Bigfoot. "Sasquatch Odyssey" was featured at this years IDA’s Doctober

He's climbed through ancient caves used for human sacrifice in Mexico, filmed sacred mask rituals of the North American Indians, chased Caribou herds on the Arctic Circle, hunted down Bigfoot, searched for a blood-sucking alien vampire in Puerto Rico, and even shared a meal of giant tarantula legs with blow-gun hunters in Venezuela.

Peter von Puttkamer has been producing and directing international award-winning films in the US and Canada over the last twenty years. He has won more than 65 international film & television awards. His work with native peoples and wildlife around the world has contributed to his fascination with shamanism, myth, and folklore. His films have taken him to South America, the Arctic, Australia, the Caribbean, and Europe in search of stories about intriguing people, animals, and the supernatural.

Recently, Peter von Puttkamer completed writing & directing the Monster Hunters series for Discovery Channel/TLC as well as writing & directing the documentary Spidermania for Animal Planet.

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 JANUARY 8th, 2005


 Vampires and Werewolves


Jan. 08th, 2005 1st Hour


Paranormal expert and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Ph.D. will share an in-depth look at vampires, werewolves and other things that go bump in the night. Her research shows that vampires and werewolves belong to a class of creatures called shapeshifters -- humans who can change into other forms.

She says folklore vampires rarely shapeshifts into bats (like in the movies), but instead changes into dogs, wolves and various farm animals. She notes that Hollywood has romanticized the vampire, replacing the ugly, demonic monster of folklore with the charismatic, tragic hero of movie screens. Rosemary also says, a vampire is "any entity that wastes away life force."


Guest Website



The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits

The Encyclopedia of Angels


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 JANUARY 8th, 2005


 A Christian Perspective On Alien Contact


Jan. 08th, 2005 2nd Hour


Chuck Missler PhotoChuck Missler received a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and then served in the U.S. Air Force. After leaving active duty, he became Branch Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles at Lowry Air Force Base. Chuck has earned a Masters Degree in engineering from UCLA and a Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University. Chuck has worked as a systems engineer at TRW, followed by a Senior Analyst position serving both the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.

His studies have led him to conclude that UFOs are "hyperdimensional" in origin and that the aliens are actually "fallen angels" that have the ability to materialize in deceiving forms.  He says that reports of alien abduction and their genetic experimentations were part of a larger plan of deception by evil forces that seek to "contaminate the human race and thwart the plan of God."





Guest Website



Alien Encounters Book (Revised and Expanded!)

Return of the Nephilim Update - DVD


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 JANUARY 1st, 2005


BEVERLY FOX - UFO's and Alien Abductions


Jan. 01, 2005  1st Hour

Jan. 01, 2005  2nd Hour   


Within dark clouds above the earth,

 And dark ominous shadows on the earth,

In the deepest caverns of the earth

                         An ancient evil waits… 

People who have been abducted, tortured, terrorized, and demoralized need and deserve some real answers.

These aliens have the ability to cast doubt on God’s very existence. They offer themselves as the solution to all of mankind’s problems and as our only chance for survival in the coming cataclysmic events.

Author of:

 The Agenda The Real Reason They're Here

UFO and Their Ranks

Guest Website 


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 DECEMBER 18th, 2004




     Dec.18th, 2004 1st Hour


Pam has been consistently investigating, confirming and reporting that there are thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles, manufactured out of Portland, OR by  GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION (and other separate boxcar manufacturing companies/operations located nationwide).

Pam say's there is a COMING HOLOCAUST to North America. She believes that an INFORMED citizen is an ALERTED and ACTIVATED citizen who is no longer deceived nor controlled by government/military influenced "news media bias" and "news media black-out."  

She speaks on The Edge to enable you to become sufficiently prepared, both physically and spiritually, to withstand and overcome the shocking events to soon unfold in North America (the US and Canada), intended to bring North America under THE NEW WORLD ORDER...or, Satan's manifest kingdom on earth (REVELATION chapter 13 in the Bible.)

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 DECEMBER 18th, 2004




     Dec.18th, 2004 2nd Hour



Father Andrew Wingate is a 52 year old Catholic Priest who is a part of the Church through the Old Roman Catholic Church. He is the founder of a New Form of Consecrated Life in the Church called: The Oblates of St Therese of the Holy Child Jesus, Reformed, OSTR. Father Andrew, along with all of his priests and Bishops are Evangelists, Preachers, Confessors, Spiritual Directors as well as Exorcists. He has traveled the world studying and examining the many Mystics who have been publishing private revelations concerning "these End Times."

Father Andrew, who is a Mystic himself, has received many private revelations concerning the condition of the world. Not only has Heaven spoken to Father Andrew about these times, but many devils and demons have also spoken to him during exorcisms he has performed.


Guest Website

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DECEMBER 11th, 2004 




Dec.11th, 2004 1st 1/2Hour


December 11th, 2004




Dec.11th, 2004 2nd 1/2Hour

Patricia Griffin Ress is a journalism scholarship winner and also a registered medical lab tech. She has been listed since 1999 in Whos Who in America and for two years in The International Whos Who of Writers and Authors.  She has been interviewed by Jeff Rense, Mike Jarmus, Lou Gentile, and several others including the BBC who interviewed her in New Orleans for a special they did on time-travel in 2003. Although she has written over 14 books, she is best-known for her time-travel books. These include STRANGER THAN FICTION:THE TRUE TIME-TRAVEL ADVENTURES OF STEVEN L.GIBBS "THE RAINMAN OF TIME-TRAVEL" which can be obtained through Amazon.com and DANGEROUS INFORMATION:THE FURTHER ADVENTURES AND EXPERIMENTS OF STEVEN GIBBS and TIME-TRAVEL ODESSEY: THE FINAL ADVENTURES OF STEVEN GIBBS. These last two can be found at www.mittymax.com

Pat has compiled a fourth time-travel related manuscript based on the experiences of Carl Novella who took the Gibbs device and traveled to some very interesting time-lines including one that put him on a UFO and another that sent him to Venezuela! This can be ordered from Pat's website www.patriciacresssenterprises.com

Just ask for CARLS STORY.

Steve Gibbs has been interviewed by many people including Art Bell on Coast to Coast am. A farmer/inventor from Nebraska, he currently resides in Kansas with his dog Cocoa.


Guest Website


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DECEMBER 11th, 2004



Daniel's interview with David Eells was so enlightening we have asked him to come back on the show this  night! Get your recording equipment ready. 30 years of research on end times shows in David's knowledge.


Dec. 11th, 2004

Dec. 4th, 2004 1st Hour

Dec. 4th, 2004 2nd Hour   

Guest Website

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 NOVEMBER 27th, 2004




Nov. 27th, 2004 1st Hour

Nov. 27th , 2004 2nd Hour   

Did We Go to the Moon?

Bart Sibrel has been making movies for fifteen years. His national credits include work for NBC, FOX, CNN, The Nashville Network (TNN), The Learning Channel (TLC), and the Discovery Channel. His awards from the American Motion Picture Society include Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and two Top Ten awards. He has also won Videomaker Magazine's Best Drama award. It is this very experience that led him to uncover the photographic inconsistencies in NASA’s record of the alleged moon landings. Along with the recent accidental discovery of an unedited, behind-the-scenes reel from Apollo 11, ten years of research culminate for the first time in a national lecture tour including never-before-seen footage. Did we actually go to the moon? Sadly, the answer is no. Only 10% of the population agrees. Investigative journalist Bart Sibrel will explain why, as well as why he is sure we never actually went.

 Guest Website

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 NOVEMBER 13th, 2004


 Bible Codes


Nov. 13th., 2004 1st Hour

Nov. 13th . 2004 2nd Hour   

Tom Mack has become one of the country's most versatile Bible Researchers. Bible Scholars, Rabbis and scribes have known for thousands of years that there was a deeper level of study. Hidden meanings and messages that made the Bible the most unique recorded document of World Civilization.  He is known for his Bible Code research and his unique Bible Music. He has both a B.A. and a MBA degree plus additional A+ and Net+ ratings from the Computing Technology Industry Association. He has training in a number of fields including mathematics, statistics, accounting, finance, information systems, religion and even music. He has taught college in Montana and Iowa, worked as a state tax auditor auditing some of the largest corporations in the world, then worked as a Tax Senior in several Public Accounting Firms, then he was a Tax Technical Specialist for a major legal publishing company, he has managed both an airport and a book publishing company and now runs his own computer company.

 Guest Website


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 NOVEMBER 6th, 2004




Sherry Shriner Nov. 6th, 2004  

Sherri Shriner currently hosts 2 radio shows on the Paranormal, UFO's, Aliens, the New World Order, Joint human and alien underground bases, the shadow government, black projects and much more and how it relates to end time prophesies and last days events. 

Sherry runs 10 websites on the internet including: http://www.sherryshriner.com http://www.thewatcherfiles.com  http://www.hiddencodes.com  http://www.sherrytalkradio.com

Sherry says she has been called by the Lord to stand up and speak about the UFO and Alien Agenda in these last days and the Coming UFO Invasion to America. Through Bible Codes and Divine Revelations from the Lord she is exposing the Strongholds of the Devil, the New World Order and the Rise of the Antichrist.


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NOVEMBER 6th, 2004

Michael A. Dyer


Micharl Dyer Nov. 6th, 2004       


Michael A. Dyer has been  deeply involved with the study and discussion of the New World Order and related phenomenon for the past 5 years. He has self published his own magazine entitled "the Dark Divine", in those years, and is a part time musician. He is also a head Administrator at www.nwowatcher.com ,where he is a host of the Revolution Radio program, and is currently working on two books. One, a historical perspective on the New World Order, and the other a horror/fiction tale that takes place in Indiana.


Guest website


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October 23rd, 2004



  Zeph Daniels Oct. 23rd, 2004  

Zeph Daniels is an author, speaker, founder of www.zephnet.com and Channel Z (his own internet broadcasting station)...  

Survivor of mind control, Satanism (in elite society)... 

The global Truman Show--how he was controlled, institutionalized and basically used for "spiritual" gifts, i.e. healings, financial benefits etc... while he was under their control.   

Zeph has been on shows with Art Bell and George Noory on mind control and Satanism....recently with Art  talked about the soul, the afterlife, the tunnel of white light, demonic soul scalping, etc.  He has also  done shows with Sherry Shriner (on Channel Z and on her show), Pam Schuffert, Ken Adachi, Dr. Stanley Monteith (radio liberty), and numerous others... 

Author: LAMB (an end times prophetic novel exposing Satanism, the way it really goes on in geopolitics, mind control, angelic hosts, and the LAMBS guided by the LORD who escape the world system, during the collapse.   

Author: GLASS BACKWARDS, a satire about mind control assassins in glitzy HOLLYWOOD. 


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OCTOBER 23rd, 2004 

Kenn Gividen

Libertarian for Governor


Oct. 23rd, 2004  


If a political party has little or no chance of winning an election, should that party be included in public debates?

There are many who view the Libertarian Party as viable force in Indiana politics. That alone, they say, qualifies Libertarians for inclusion in public debates.



Guest Website

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Oct. 16th. 2004


  ESCAPE 666!


Oct. 16th, 2004 1st Hour

Oct. 16th, 2004 2nd Hour   


Pastor Harry (Walther)  author of THE ANSWER- TWO RAPTURES and founder of The Church of Philadelphia Internet- SEPT 1997.  " I believe we are living in The End Times and there are Two Rapture Events to happen and not one as traditionally taught and debated by the Churches. My findings of Two Raptures in Revelation are also confirmed in the Bible Code as well as the possible date when The First Rapture will occur"

  • Luciferic Theorcracy

  • What happens if Kerry wins

  • Coming Holocaust

  • Coming of Antichrist

  • Two Raptures

  • The MOST banned book

  • The Bible Code

  • Rapture and the COMET PLANET

 Learn the true Biblical Escape from the coming Holocaust @ www.SATANSRAPTURE.COM

(The official site for ESCAPE 666 BIBLE PROPHECY REVEALED)


Guest website


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 October 2nd, 2004

Dr. Lynne Kitei  

The Phoenix Lights

Oct. 2nd, 2004 1st Hour

Oct. 2nd, 2004  2nd Hour   

Physician and health educator, Dr. Lynne Kitei will share her story of being witness to the still unexplained “Phoenix Lights” in Arizona, in March 1997, a huge triangular formation seen by countless residents. What makes her story all the more remarkable is that she had documented similar lights, in the same location in 1995, and again in January 1997.

In the '95 sighting she will describe seeing three "amber orbs" hovering over a private desert area.

One of the 1997 witnesses said they saw the amber orbs detach and then rejoin the main craft. She says she has spoke with Indians from a reservation in the Phoenix area and they told her such "light beings," had been seen by them for generations. Theorizing as to what the Phoenix Lights could be, Kitei has suggested perhaps what was being seen was a "gateway," for a craft to come in and out of our environment. Stay tuned for this great interview!

Guest Website


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 September 25th, 2004

Richard Rives

 Noah's Ark Research

Sept. 25th, 2004 1st Hour

Sept. 25th, 2004 2nd Hour   

President of Wyatt Archaeological Research, Richard Rives discusses the work of the late Ron Wyatt, who was confident that he had discovered the location of Noah’s Ark. The site in Turkey, which features an ancient boat-shaped form, became exposed after an earthquake in 1978, and samples were taken of it, said Rives. The material was revealed to be an organic compound, he said, and additionally such artifacts as animal antlers were found. Also, there was a hole bored into one side, and plant and animal fibers, as well as feline hair were extracted. Recently they have found what appears to be Fiber Optics!

Wyatt, who believes that the world is only 6,000 years old, based on his reading of the Bible, said that the planet's atmospheric conditions were much better prior to the great flood which he said took place in 2340 BC. Humans had much longer life spans, and also grew to 14 ft. tall, he contended. Animals were also much larger, he stated, citing evidence for 12 ft. tall cows. Rives will discuss also the Ark of the Covenant which Wyatt claimed he found in Jerusalem.

Guest Website

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 September 18th, 2004

Sherry Shriner - End Time Events

Sept. 18th, 2004 1st Hour

Sept 18th, 2004 2nd Hour   

If we want to know the End, then we need to know the Beginning. Several years ago the Lord told me, "You will speak to the Nations." 
  Since then, over 100 Countries have visited my websites and do so on a daily basis.

Yahweh has said to me, "Tell them who you are."

I am a Watchman of the Lord and have been called as a Prophet to the Nations. 
I am King David's granddaughter. And as my ancient grandfather stood against the Giants in his day with no Fear, so will I stand against the Giants in mine with No Fear. The Lord is our Strength.

Guest Website


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 September 11th, 2004

Dr. David M. Jacobs


Sept. 11th, 2004


Dr. Jacobs is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American history and culture. Dr. Jacobs began researching the controversy over UFOs in the mid 1960's, and has amassed over 35 years of primary research data and analytical hypotheses on the subject. Since 1973 Dr. Jacobs has continued to devote most of his professional and personal energies to researching the UFO phenomenon in general, and the abduction phenomenon in particular. Having conducted nearly 900 hypnotic regressions with over 140 abductees, Dr. Jacobs is one of the foremost UFO abduction researchers worldwide. As a result of his extensive primary research, he has developed the first scientific typology of the abduction experience.


Guest Website



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