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"Freely we receive , freely we give"


March 6th, 2008.

The Edge Thursday Show from the Edge UK Studio. Starts 12 NOON EST. This show lasts for 1hr 50mins and includes video content.


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On the show this week: Edge Correspondent Frank Lordi gives listeners and viewers  a brilliant presentation concerning the "Tower" Tarot card and links this to the NWO, 9/11 and the occult. Superb, insightful thoughts including visual and audio.


Also on the show: Edge Correspondent Mike Eastwood's weekly news report and Gina Romano continues on the trail of exposing and investigating the growing concern that is Organized Gang Stalking. The Thursday Show includes an appeal on behalf of imprisoned, Burmese human rights activist  "Aung San Suu Kyi". This is an appeal by Hollywood star, Jim Carrey.


Music video from David Rovics and Larsen Iceshelf.


Full program notes, audio and video archives will be added to the Thursday Page on Friday.


Thursday Show Program Notes and Archive





March 5th, 2008

Edge TV - The Edge Report

8:00AM EST and loops through the day.

This is a 1 hour show.




The Edge Report is produced for Edge TV and the show this week includes a presentation by former MI5 operative David Shayler. David talks about False Flag operations and 9/11. 


Also on the show: Dr. Vyvyan Howard. Before moving to Ireland, Dr. Howard was Head of the Development Toxico-Pathology Research Group, University of Liverpool. He is a medically qualified toxico-pathologist with a special interest in the vulnerability of the fetus and infant to toxic substances. Following this the Edge Report takes a look at a Irish campaign against incineration and dioxin.


Also on the show: A true ghost story surrounding a children's nursery in the UK - very scary.



March 1st, 2008


Resurrected Immortals Live Among Us,

 Physical Immortality Is Possible



In Matthew Chapter 10 vs.7-8 Jesus gave this command to his disciples; The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, cure the sick, RAISE THE DEAD, cleanse lepers and drive out demons."

Throw away EVERYTHING you think you know about reality and step into an amazing journey!

Jesus commanded his disciples to resurrect the dead and they did. Once a person is resurrected they are immortal and have power over this world. They can resurrect others and thus continue the process, nothing is impossible for them. Immortals guide humanity in their spiritual evolution. They are what many call guardian angels.

After Jesus resurrected he was immortal. He then went one step further and completely transcended life on earth, the afterlife, and our corrupt universe when he made his ascension. Physical Immortality through spiritual transformation is the next step for humanity. This is the only step that gives true freedom. Ascension is not possible without first mastering the world through immortality.

Jhershierra has had personal physical encounters with Immortals since childhood, some of these are shared in her book. In
"The Resurrected Dead Now Immortal Live Among Us; A Manual for Immortality", the truth is revealed about who we are, what happened to us long ago, and how physical immortality is possible. Jhershierra describes in the book her own physical experiences such as dematerialization and visiting the heavenly realms. Every Immortal followed the same steps and laws that are in this book to achieve their own immortality.

Visit our Amazon Page which has books ,movies, music, anti-aging, health, exercise and abundant living products.

"Religion, The AfterLife, The Astral Worlds, Reincarnation, Heaven/Hell... All of these were created from the illusion of death. Jhershierra"

Guest Website

Edge TV

February 27th, 2008.

The Edge Report is the first show recorded for EDGE TV. Starts 8:00 AM EST and will loop through the day in the above TV player. Hosted by Andy Radford from the Edge's UK Studio




The Edge Report is a 30 minute magazine program covering the subjects that matter most. This week on the show: Aspartame, Posilac and the "Bionic Hamburger", will you eat one after seeing this? This will be a trial presentation and we would like your feedback as to how Edge TV can improved. If you would like to submit material, such as your video report or audio, please get in touch with us. 


February 28th, 2008.

The Edge Thursday Show from the Edge UK Studio. Starts 12 NOON EST.


Streamed through the new Edge TV player. The audio archive will be added after the show


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On the show this week: The "Doomsday" Seed Vault. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, situated halfway between Norway and the north pole, has the capacity to store 4.5 million different seed samples. Since each sample will contain on average 500 seeds, around 2,25 billion seeds may be stored there. They are being held in the Arctic storage facility in case a future disaster wipes out food crops. The location has been carefully chosen to provide maximum protection to the seeds. T he underground vault has been built as a 120 meters long tunnel inside a mountain, at about 130 meters above sea level, and permafrost and the thick rock will ensure that the samples remain frozen, even without electricity. This part of the show includes video footage.


Also on the show: Edge Correspondent Gina Romano continues her campaign against Gang Stalkers and electronic warfare against civilian populations. This week Gina talks to Petra from Canada. The interview really brings in the U.S. and how it is moving towards fascism, they discuss cults, SRA and the FEMA camps.  Also, they discuss police departments who are abusing citizens. Very interesting.


Thursday Show Program Notes and Archive



February 23rd, 2008

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

Prophesies for America in 2008



Hear What We Heard


Dr. Jonathan Hansen


Dr. Jonathan Hansen will be our guest this Saturday. In August, 1995, the Lord moved Dr. Hansen and his family back to America where he began to prepare to warn the church and the people of the United States of God's judgment upon them and why. The Lord gave him a release to begin on September 29, 1997, when he shared the warning and prophecies on a Seattle radio station. In 1998 he was released to begin sharing with the people at large. Dr. Hansen still travels extensively internationally, sharing the warnings of God, and what the nations can do to hold back God's judgment. Apostolically, Dr. Hansen has trained people for ministry wherever he has traveled or pastored, sending them out to the nations. He also provides apostolic leadership to many different pastors throughout the United States, as well as other countries. Dr. Hansen is Director of World Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions, training people to become "...a flame of fire" according to Heb. 1:7.  Besides leading WMI, Dr. Hansen is currently on both the Missions Committee and Board of Directors for Beacon University.





February 21st, 2008.

The Edge Thursday Show from the Edge UK Studio.


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On the show this week: A brief look at an Electronic weapon called "Mosquito". Mosquito emits low frequency sounds, ranging from 18 to 20 kilohertz. Only children can hear these sounds and Mosquito is used against them. It is has official backing and it's used by UK Police forces and Local Authorities. These sound frequencies cause major discomfort to babies also. Please take a look at the video in the Thursday Show program notes.



Also on the show: Edge Correspondent Gina Romano continues her campaign against organized gang stalking and Edge Correspondent Mike Eastwood submits his weekly News Report.


Thursday Show Program Notes and Archive



February 16th, 2008

David Oakford

Near Death Experiences


David Oakford 02.16.08


Journey Through the World of Spirit: God, Gaia, and Guardian Angels - the detailed, near-death experience of author David Oakford. Triggered initially by a fatal drug overdose, David became bewildered then frightened to find that we do not "die." But instinctively he knew to pray to God and was soon rescued by a wise guardian angel he calls "Bob." Specifically, David shares what he was shown concerning the life-after-death realms: heavens, light beings, dark souls, the life-force energy dynamics of our planet and its inhabitants, and the lessons-learned from a panel of evaluators. This clearly-written, plain-talking account of the life, death, and rebirth cycle provides much food for thought for all leaders and members of the world's major religions to contemplate. The single truth that shines through this old, old story is this one realization: Love is the answer to life's questions when all is said and done.


David was born in 1959, in the shadow of the great auto plants in Warren, Michigan.  He grew up on the “South Side” of town, on the Detroit border; which was, and still is, a great place to get into trouble!  By the time he was 19 he was in some very dark times, which led up to his near death experience.  After his experience he settled down and got a job as a crane operator at a machine tool plant. He made new friends and met the woman who eventually became his wife.  He was laid off in 1982, a casualty of the manufacturing decline the Detroit area experienced in the early 1980’s.  During this time he tried very hard to forget his experience.


Upon reading David’s book, Dr. P.M.H. Atwater (noted near-death researcher and author) said, “David Oakford’s story is true, real, and utterly profound. Although street drugs were clearly the initial trigger for this NDE, what happened next was a full-blown ascended state of consciousness that is well-documented in the spiritual and scientific literature. This book is once again revealing that NDEs are not magic, nor do they produce saints. And we can thank David for baring his soul as to the psychic struggles and the depression that followed his awakening. Because ultimately there emerged a transformed man who knew, positively knew, that there is more to life and death than we are taught in our religious organizations, and more to God’s Greater Plan for us than we can imagine today.”






February 14th, 2008

Listen to Daniel being interviewed by The Infidel Guy


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Comments on interview?

February 14th, 2008.

The Edge Thursday Show from the Edge UK Studio, Hosted by Andy Radford.


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On the show this week: The dangers of Fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water - the corporate-government, chemical con!

Did you know that fluoridation chemicals were once used as pesticides? That they are registered as poisons under the 1972 Poisons Act, in the same group of toxins as arsenic, mercury and paraquat? That there is considerable evidence that it does not reduce levels of tooth decay. Although fluoride is scientifically classed as more toxic than lead, the Government allows 20 times as much fluoride as lead in drinking water. The fluoride added to drinking water isn’t the pharmaceutical grade stuff added to toothpaste. It’s hexafluorosilicic acid derived from an industrial process... It comes from the pollution scrubber liquor from factory chimneys Basically it's a hazardous industrial waste that is illegal to dump at sea. It also contains small amounts of impurities such as lead, mercury, beryllium and

Also on the show: Edge Correspondent Gina Romano continues her expose into Gang Stalking, by talking to victim Tracy Givens and Edge Correspondent Mike Eastwood submits a short audio report. All this and more. 


The Edge Chat box will be live from 12 NOON EST but the host cannot guarantee to be around all day to answer questions.


Thursday Show Program Notes and Archive



February 9th, 2008

Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14 Astronaut

The Way of the Explorer


Dr. Edgar Mitchell 02.09.08


On January 31, 1971, Navy Captain Dr. Edgar Mitchell embarked on a journey into outer space that resulted in becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon.  The Apollo 14 mission was NASA's third manned lunar landing.  This historic journey ended safely nine days later on February 9, 1971.  It was an audacious time in the history of mankind.  For Mitchell, however, the most extraordinary journey was yet to come.

As he hurtled earthward through the abyss between the two worlds, Mitchell became engulfed by a profound sensation "a sense of universal connectedness."  He intuitively sensed that his presence, that of his fellow astronauts, and that of the planet in the window were all part of a deliberate, universal process and that the glittering cosmos itself was in some way conscious.  The experience was so overwhelming Mitchell knew his life would never be the same.

Scientist, test pilot, naval officer, astronaut, entrepreneur, author and lecturer, Dr. Mitchell's extraordinary career personifies humankind's eternal thrust to widen its horizons as well as its inner soul.

His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and a Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT.  In addition he has received honorary doctorates in engineering from New Mexico State University, the University of Akron, Carnegie Mellon University and a ScD from Embry-Riddle University.

Dr. Mitchell has received many awards and honors including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the USN Distinguished Medal and three NASA Group Achievement Awards.  He was inducted to the Space Hall of Fame in 1979 and the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1998.

After retiring from the Navy in 1972, Dr. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to sponsor research into the nature of consciousness as it relates to cosmology and causality.  In 1984, he was a co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers, an international organization of those who have experienced space travel.

He is the author of "Psychic Exploration," 1974,  "The Way of the Explorer," 1996, (Third edition, 2006) as well as dozens of articles in both professional and popular periodicals.  He has devoted the last 37 years to studying human consciousness and psychic and paranormal phenomena in the search for a common ground between science and spirit.








The Edge Thursday Show from the Edge UK Studio.

February 7th, 2008.


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On the show this week: Edge Correspondent Frank Lordi submits a report on weather modification. Gina Romano continues her research into Gang Stalking and I look into Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone, Posilac. Click the following link for full program notes.


Thursday Show Program Notes and Archive



February 2nd, 2008

Derrel Sims

Alien Hunter - The Hunted Has Become The Hunter


Derrel Sims   02.02.08

(The following is Derrel Sim's own Press Release)

In the area of investigations: Abductees/Contactees: usually find someone or do their own investigation work into their own events.  the quality of that work is usually reflective on the quality of the event. 

In other words..if your event is like unto a marvelous archeological find...(your event) and you want some local guy to come over with his backhoe (hypnosis or other uncovering tools he may have), and don't mind (or think) that the find will be virtually torn apart when he moves his backhoe in to dig up your 'facts"...then you get what you pay for so to speak.  I have an outline here of some things that might offer some help? 

 1.  In the technical sense, most researchers are not researchers at all (including me).  researchers (in a technical sense) gather data in specific ways based on the scientific methods laid down by the ologies and hard sciences.  The rest of us are often degreed, trained and specialists in their realm of work. 

2.  The next tier down is: investigators (in the technical sense): cops, journalists, P.I.'s, intell people, or some facsimile thereof... they may be ex. officers, retired intelligencia, or emeritus status of the first and/or 2nd tier. The top 3 (reported to me by CNN) are: Dr. David Jacobs, Phd., Derrel Sims, R.H.A., & Budd Hopkins. 

3  The rest are enthusiasts, ufologists, etc that can call themselves anything and rarely have any qualifications to say that with any certainty. 

4  The last of the pile are folks who can call themselves anything and anything goes they say...no evidence (in a technical sense or real interviewed work takes place (in a technical sense). 

5.  Skeptics, debunkers (Joe Nicol, PHD, Dr. Susan Blackmoore (England), Dr. Susan Clancy (Harvard) all of whom I have debated the issues over), whackos (I wont list them out as I will certainly make enemies here) smiles , liars (I wont list them out as I will certainly make enemies here) smiles, fakes (I wont list them out as I will certainly make enemies here) smiles, wannabees..(I wont list them out as I will certainly make enemies here) smiles. etc. so as to not get scalped (smiles) I will only say, that in the last section, it is heavily populated and eventually a number of them will be exposed...some already have. 

Derrel Sims, aka, The Alien Hunter 

 Guest Website



February 2nd, 2008

Katti Dauer

The Second Witness


We will talked with Katii Dauer , who told us why she believes she is Jesus' wife and the Second Witness as described in the Book of Revelation and by the self proclaimed First Witness Ron Weinland.  E-mail Kattii


Katii Dauer   02.02.08



January 26th, 2008

Jo Ann Richards

The Earth Defense Network


Jo Ann Richards   01.26.08


Earth Defense Website


Earth Defense Info in Word format.







January 26th, 2008

January 19th, 2008

Lt. Colonel SC

Aliens and the Reptilian Agenda Attacking Earth

The Lt. will continue with amazing details of the reptilian agenda, cloned soldiers and Area 51


Lt. Colonel SC   01.26.08


Lt. Colonel SC   01.19.08



Lt. Colonel SC will be talking about inside information regarding the alien agenda, illuminati connection, abductions and the pending attack on earth. The Lt. says the Stephenville mile long UFO is the real deal and it came from under the ocean. He is knowledgeable in many things and has first hand experience on information brought out in last weeks show with Barbara Brown. Listen to that interview as a primer to this upcoming interview. Tell your friends about both shows.


Lt. Colonel SC was in the USAF a few years then was sent to the army in Black Ops as punishment for partying too much and then was sent to South America as a Sniper. After that he was sent to to area S-4 (also known as Area 51) as a Guard ( Sniper ). He was aloud to roam all over the area in the desert and rocks and was told to kill anything that crosses into the Dead Zone (DZ). During this time he saw MANY MANY things. He was later sent to do the same thing in secret California base. The Lt. has deep contacts in all the 3 letter agencies, including HAARP, CIFA ect. He came to the Lord after hearing Benjamin Baruch on the Art Bell show. That's when his world as he knew it turned upside down, because after hearing him, he knew he was a man of GOD and what he said lined up with what he knew from being in the dark side. The Lt. Colonel had a lot of struggles after that but it was all worth it he says. He is thankful to God for sending Benjamin into his life as well as others, but Benjamin revealed to him from the show how wicked he was , as well as what he did!




Personal e-mail to Lt. Colonel SC


(Due to security reasons, we will not use his real name)




January 19th, 2008

 C.D. Montana

"I was Sioux Warrior Crazy Horse"


C. D. Montana    01.19.08



C.D. MONTANA was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1950. She was 28 years old when she identified her first spiritual experience, when a close friend died and then immediately made contact with her. The recognition that came with this initial experience quickly led into a continual relationship with the spirit world, and she began feeling physical sensations from spirits—without realizing.


She was truly made aware of the spirit world when she was led to research spirit guides in the year 2000, through which she learned the name of and began to directly communicate with her own guide, Maryanne. Montana learned that the spirit world wanted her to discover her past life as the Sioux warrior Crazy Horse. From that point in 2000, her life has been a series of episodes which confirm, with concrete evidence, this remarkable past life.



The Edge Thursday Show

January 17th 2008

From the Edge UK Studio


Listen to show


On the show this week: Richard Vizzutti, Author of "The Return of the Stargods" submits an audio concerning the break down and feudal attitude in the Illuminati and the NWO. Visit Richard's website www.stargods.org


Edge UK Toxics Correspondent, Ralph Ryder submits a report concerning pesticides and the EU and I recap on some of the latest articles on the Edge's News Page submitted by Edge Correspondents. We also welcome two new Correspondents Frank Lordi and Matthew Lowe


Also on the show: Edge Correspondent, Gina Romano continues her investigations into Organized Gang Stalking, talking to another victim of this crime. Gina's guest, James Walbert talks about his experience. James has studied psychology, sociology, physiology and para-psychology.


Edge Correspondent, Gina Romano, Is the guest on TruthBrigadeEadio.com tonight at 6:00 PM PST, Thursday, January 17, 2008. Be sure to listen in.


Thursday Show Program Notes and Archive




January 12th, 2008

Barbara Crouse Brown

Aliens UFO art & Shape Shifters


"Amazing..", "Deep..", "Scary...", "Never heard that before..ever" some of the comments about this interview.


Barbara Brown 01.12.08


Barbara's story:


ALIENS AND UFO ART website up.. FEB 27th. 1998..( and the OVERT DAILY beginnings of DAILY troubles with the Reptilian CONTROLLERS and their HUMAN CONVERTS.. ) website construction taught to me by ULI LINDEMANN( who was MURDERED- 3 gunshot wounds to his head-- btw this was one of the cases that was called a suicide.. when it most probably was NOT!).. he was a wonderful teacher and very patient with me and all my questions, but from that time.. I was CONTINUALLY HASSLED AND HARASSED BY THE SERPENTS ON THIS PLANET AND NAZIS WHO WORK FOR THEM. EVERY DAY.. !!!! they also murdered THOM KELLEY one of my friends who helped me with my website.. and put another TEK I had in the hospital twice for helping me..he declined to ever help me again..



In 1997 the government tried to close the PERALTA TRAIL.( where I was doing research on the ancient ART) . and make a 4 mile access road to hike in.. I was returning from taking my daughter to camp in ORACLE.. it was sometime in late JULY or early AUGUST.. if I remember.. I knew the trail road had been closed and so I decided to check it out for myself.. I went into the PERALTA trail road and went up to the head of the trail.. to park for a few minutes.. I knew the government vehicles would follow me in.. and one GREEN TRUCK DID... at a high rate of speed.. fortunately I was going out as he was coming in to get me.. THIS MADE ME INCREDIBLY ANGRY that they would CLOSE THIS TRAIL.. and make a hiking trail that few could use.. to access the main trail.. by making it more difficult to see the ART along the trail.. only very hardy hikers would ever be able to do the total hike.. which was one of the most popular hikes in ARIZONA.. .. so.. I made an INTENT with great ANGER!.. and that INTENT had to do with the AIR FORCE STANDOWN in 1997.. the trail road.. was opened immediately and has been ever since.. and I had navy trucks with signs following me out my driveway.. for a few days.. I thought that was hilarious.. all VANCE DAVIS said to me was "NOW THEY KNOW". need I say anymore.. HUMAN INTENT is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL.. if used for the right reason..






Andy has released Daniel shape shifting.



January 5th, 2008

John Mitchell

Ufo's Over Area 51


John Mitchell 01.05.08

John Mitchell is 37 years old and lives in northern Indiana and works as a U.S. merchant marine aboard an iron ore ship on the Great Lakes. 

During February of 2006 John made plans to go to Nevada near Area-51, to see for him self if there was anything to the Area-51 mystery. With an open mind and a video camera, he embarked on his journey into the desert and got more than he could have bargained for.

 John has recently setup a new website with a view to try to share his information with others. His thoughts about his amazing experiences can be read there, as well as video and photographic proof of UFOs and other anomalous objects.

 Since John’s encounter he has realized an ability to not only film the paranormal, but to manifest physical signs as well. Many of these shape shifting events can also be seen on the website.


Ufo's Over Area 51 Website


John recommends this website:




The Edge Thursday Show 10th January 2008 - 

From the Edge's UK Studio - Hosted by Andy Radford.


Listen to Show


On the Thursday Show this week: A special 1 hour presentation submitted by Edge listener Frank Lordi from Salvationrevelation.com Salvation Revelation is an End Times discussion laying out the Satanic agenda for the New World Order. The New Age Movement is working in tandem with the ruling elite to lead the world into chaos, so that like a phoenix out of the ashes of the old world, a "New World Order" can rise to power. This New World Order is Luciferian in nature and represents a carefully calculated plot to reign in the world's nations, doing away with national sovereignty and redefining national borders in accordance to a series of 10 international trade regions. These 10 regions are the 10 kingdoms of the Antichrist.


Also on the show: Edge Correspondent Gina Romano continues her expose of Electronic Harassment against innocent people. Gina speaks to four guests in a special, multi-user discussion. We are pleased to announce that Gina is becoming a highly respected journalist in this field and we are glad she is on the Edge Staff.


Thursday Links and Show Archive







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