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July 29th,  2006 

Benjamin Baruch

End Time Prophesy



The Day of the Lord is at HandBenjamin Baruch will talk about The Rapture, Tribulation, Armageddon, The Last Days, Bible Prophecy Fulfilled, The Mark of the Beast - 666, Terrorism, 9/11. Benjamin's message is unique as Benjamin has been able to hear the audible voice of God throughout his life. In 1996, Benjamin was managing money on Wall Street and spent over a year in prayer seeking guidance from God on when to exit the stock market. Shortly after Benjamin's fortieth birthday, God answered. In a series of visions and audible revelations from God, Benjamin was shown the future of America.



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July 29th,  2006 

Dr. Kent Hovind

Creation  /  Evolution


Dr. Kent Hovind 07.29.06


Dr. Kent Hovind is one of the most requested speakers on the Creation and Evolution topic in churches and Universities all over the world. Dr. Hovind served as an educator for many years teaching Biology, Anatomy, Physical Science, Mathematics, Earth Science, and many other sciences. Dr. Hovind has debated the Creation and Evolution controversy over 100 times all over the world, in many large Universities, and on thousands of radio talk shows.



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July 22th,  2006  

Eve Lorgen

The Love Bite:

 Deeper Insights into the Alien Abduction Phenomena


Eve Lorgen   07.22.06

Eve Lorgen, will talk with Daniel about issues such as, mind control and manipulation, spiritual warfare, military abductions, MK Ultra black ops, milabs (military abductions) superhuman warriors/operatives and conspiratorial Secret Government activities relating to the extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. And lastly, what we can learn to overcome these influences, focusing on enhanced self-awareness, compassion, liberation and enlightenment.

She became interested in the UFO/Paranormal field early in life as a result of  UFO sightings, paranormal phenomena, alien encounters and an expanded awareness of spiritual realms and interdimensional beings. She is an educated, sensible, intelligent and exceptionally aware individual with multiple college degrees, (B.S Biochemistry, M.A Counseling Psychology) and studies including alternative medicine, Tibetan Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity,  Lucid Dream work, Qi gong, Yoga, Poetry, Martial Arts and a former gymnast and dancer. My greatest interest now is lucid dreaming and Tibetan Dream Yoga.



She has years of experience as a radio show guest and host with Night Search Paranormal Network, NSPN, an internet and broadcast radio talk show from 1996-2002. A former guest on Jeff Rense, The X Zone, Dave Allens’ Nighthawk, “Feet to the Fire”, with James Jancik and numerous other radio talk show segments, TV and video interviews with Cable Access TV shows and some international news segments. I’ve consulted with many well known researchers in this field, such as Barbara Bartholic, the late Dr. Karla Turner,  Derrel Sims, Dr. Roger Leir, Dr. Helmut Lammer, James Bartley and many MUFON members, alien abductees, and experiencers of anomalous trauma. I started an abductee support group out of San Diego California in the 90’s and consult with many experiencers today.

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     July 15th,  2006     

Hannah Billups


Hannah Billups  07.15.06


Hannah Billups reveals new facts about her abduction. She also talks about putting her ordeal in a book and we hear more hypnotizing NWO audio they gave her. She says she was abducted again and has the bruise marks on her arms.





      July 15th,  2006     

Don Nicoloff

Analysis of Rapidly Occurring Events

 and a Closer Look At Hannah's Abduction


Don Nicoloff  07.15.06 1st hr

Don Nicoloff  07.15.06  2nd hr


Don Nicoloff , consultant for The Edge Broadcast will give mind blowing analysis of Hannah's abduction and how it relates to a much larger picture of world events, the alien presence and the NWO.

Don became interested in metaphysics at an early age and realized that our purpose in life is to fulfill a 'promise' or 'commitment' we have made.  Raised as an Orthodox Christian, he often questioned the reality of mainstream biblical teaching and worldly-belief systems. Realizing that there is a difference between belief and knowledge, he became a seeker of truth.

What Don discovered was a truth, intentionally hidden from us, through our 'religions' and our 'educational system,' that we all have intuitive talents and abilities. He began to discover the source of his musical inspiration through practice, self-discovery, teaching, and outside research. He recognized that the same source exists in all areas of our lives, and he knows it is part of his 'mission' to share that knowledge with others. Don Nicoloff is also a  professional, multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, music composer, and producer from Ohio. He has performed with many world-renowned artists and operates his own recording studio.

Don is considered by others to be an expert on religious cults, secret societies, and secret projects. His metaphysical talents have been used in a variety of well-known murder, missing-persons, and conspiracy cases, though this fact is seldom reported in the mainstream media or 'acknowledged' by the authorities. He is a methodical researcher of the facts he brings forth from a metaphysical perspective.

Don also appears on artistfirst.com, Tuesday evenings, at 9:00 pm EST, to discuss a variety of issues. He is currently completing the finishing touches on his third solo CD, "Spirals," which he plans to release this year. The CD will be available on a forthcoming website, and at artistfirst.com.



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July 8th,  2006 

Dr. Jimmy Lowery

Ghost Buster, Exorcist, Radio Host   


Dr. Jimmy Lowery 07.08.06

Dr. Jimmy Lowery is a Spirit / Entity Investigator, Exorcist, Talk Show Host, Popular Presenter at Expo's and other gatherings, radio and TV shows, Ordained Minister, Computer Specialist, decorated enlisted Airman who served in Desert Shield and Storm who continues to serve in the Air Force Reserves after 22 years. Born in Mississippi and raised as a Minister's son, Dr.Jimmy believes that all paranormal researchers should maintain a strong faith system. He has personally experienced both human spirits and the demonic starting in childhood. His quest to learn about the spirit realm and its existence, different religions and occult practices has taken him through many adventures in the U.S. and foreign countries. Dr. Jimmy is a decorated enlisted Airman who served in Desert Shield and Storm in 1990 - 1991. He continues to serve in the Air Force Reserves after 22 years. In 1999, Dr. Jimmy was awarded a PhD in religion.  He is an ordained a minister but has no plans to pastor a church as he feels that is not his calling. Instead, he chooses to help people that are experiencing the unknown and dark side.

Dr. Jimmy and wife, Heather, own and operate the APSR  RadioNetwork,  Co-Host the daily APSR Radio Show and have co-produced a fantastic documentary, “Haunted South” and are co-authoring a new book, "The Haunted South ? The Molding Of A ParaSpiritual Exorcist” Heather Lowery uses her expertise in graphical design and layout as the Design Manager for Haunted Times Magazine.

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   July 1st,  2006 

Hannah and Mark Billups

More Information on the Abduction





Hannah and Mark Billups will both be on the show tonight. We will continue our conversation about Hannah's NWO/Alien abduction and the successful rescue by Mark.


Hannah and Mark Billups  07.01.06

  Request for Proof 


Hannah Billups Media Inquiry E-mail




        July 1st,  2006 

Willie Windwalker Gibson

Supernatural Experiences


Willie Windwalker Gibson  07.01.06


Willie Windwalker Gibson is a Cherokee and Irish sensitive from Louisville, Ky.  He has been in the paranormal world for 40 years now. He has written a book called the Shaman Windwalker published by Authorhouse. In it he details his supernatural experiences. Some of his experiences may be too shocking for other shows, but not The Edge Radio Broadcast. He has been on Shirley MacLaines show, XZone, Bufo Radio and The Jimmy and Heather Lowery show. He has been on the CMT Networks "Most shocking Ghosts in 2004" and was featured in The Bell witch segment.


Windwalker is a known Paranormal Consultant, dealing with matters that lack the normal means of explanation.  He is an Ordained Minister and Shaman and for those of you asking how that can be, Willie explains it like this: 


"I know you're asking how I can be an Ordained Minister and Shaman.  Well, let me tell you.  Ministers look to God and Shamans look to the Great Spirit, the supernatural being who made us all.  We practice the same things, just take different paths.  1st Corth 12 says that there will be people who will have the gift of healing, ministry, discerning of spirits, speak in tongues, and prophecy.  That is what I do.  Whenever there is a paranormal problem and someone requires my help, I do my best to solve their problem for them." 


Windwalker told listener her spirit guide description during show:

"Oh my god Daniel! he 's right! You have to tell him this!!!!

Tell him I saw a 19th century ghost in my room a few years ago in the middle of the night! He was wearing overalls! That must have been Thomas!!! Thank you soo much!!!!! I am so grateful you have no idea!!!!!"


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  June 24th, 2006 

Sheldan Nidle

Planetary Activation Organization


Sheldan Nidle     06.24.06 1st

Sheldan Nidle     06.24.06 2nd



SHELDAN NIDLE, M.A. is author of the best-selling books: You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, Your First Contact, and Your Galactic Neighbors. Sheldan is an ET contactee. His galactic contacts communicate with him directly (without channeling) to provide weekly updates on Earth's true history and destiny and on extraterrestrial science, culture and spirituality. Sheldan is the founder of Planetary Activation Organization. PAO's mission is to prepare Earth for full consciousness, first contact, galactic society, and Earth stewardship. Due to Sheldan’s extensive education and research, he is able to bring an astute, rational and scientific approach to this controversial subject. Sheldan has advanced degrees in Political Science: Southeast Asian Government, American Politics, and International Public Administration and also has a background in science and Tesla technology.

His first extraterrestrial and UFO experiences began  shortly after his birth and were highlighted all through his childhood by various modes of contact phenomena, as well as accompanying manifestations - light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching/learning sessions on board spacecraft. During most of his life, he has enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications with the Galactic Federation of Light.

Around the age of fourteen, Sheldan requested that the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light Allies discontinue communications with him because he was experiencing overwhelming conflict between their scientific and societal knowledge and that which he was learning here on Earth. They left, but the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light Allies told him that they would be back when it was time to complete his mission for planet Earth and her people. In high school, he was placed in advanced science programs in subject areas such as physics, chemistry, and calculus.

 Due to Sheldan’s education in science, the social sciences as well as extensive research in Nikola Tesla’s alternative energy technologies, etc., he is able to bring a rational and scientific approach to this controversial subject.

Sheldan is a lecturer, author, and founder of Planetary Activation Organization (PAO), an organization with over 2,100 registered members/groups worldwide. PAO’s philosophy is to empower the individual in order to transform the world. Under PAO’s sponsorship, small semi-autonomous groups called Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs) prepare for full consciousness, first contact, galactic society, and Earth stewardship. PAGs are inner-guided and self-organizing in the way they serve and activate their communities.

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  June 17th, 2006

Robert Schneck

The President's Vampire: Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America


Robert Schneck  06.17.06 1st

Robert Schneck  06.17.06 2nd


Robert Damon Schneck is a freelance writer and contributor to Fortean Times, Fate and other magazines. He is the author of The Presidents Vampire, Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America (Anomalist Books) and two books for young readers Detective Notebook: Are You Psychic? and Operation Mystery: Haunted USA (both from Sterling). His ambition is to become America's Historian of the Strange. Robert is a native of Paramus, New Jersey, and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Friends describe him as a loveable, nocturnal, monomaniac.

"Daniel, you are one of the only people to ever interview me who paid enough  attention to look for inconsistencies & holes in my arguments and  I  REALLY appreciate that.  Robert"

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    June 10th, 2006

David Bay

Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings



David Bay 06.10.06


David Bay talks about his new film Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Vol.1 The New Atlantis in DVD and VHS. His film has just won a prestigious award at the New York Independent Film Festival.  Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings has won the Best Feature Documentary Screen Craft Award! Since few people know what a “Screen Craft” Award is, he offers the following explanation. Every film festival has a “Screen Craft” Award.  A Screen Craft Award literally recognizes the best elements which go into making a film. This award heralds the best in Scriptwriting, in Directing, in Lighting, in Acting, and of properly footnoting, of all the films in the festival. This award could correctly be thought of as the "Best All-Around Documentary" award. This award is prestigious at every film festival  

In 1972, he was released from the Army, returning to Portland, Oregon, where he began the climb the Corporate ladder in Retail Management. In 1984, he moved to New England, where I located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He soon found a Baptist Church, a fundamental, Bible teaching church that fearlessly proclaimed the "whole" of God's Word. In 1991, He was named Director of Cutting Edge Ministries. My wife and I also teach the College & Career Sunday School Class.


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         June 10th, 2006

Michelle Dulin - End of the World Ministry


Michelle Dulin 06.10.06


Michelle Dulin produces a periodical called The Prophetic Underground that is distributed to Prophecy Watcher’s mailing list and to those who are not online. It is based on current events and bible prophecy and includes visions and articles that promote spiritual growth. She also does a bible prophecy talk show on Public Access Channel 54 in Boulder, CO called the End of the World is Near. DVDs are available. She is a frequent contributor to The Edge Forum. Michelle has had many visions such as:





 Guest Website


  June 3rd, 2006

Michael Mullin

War of the Angels


Michael Mullin   06.03.06


Michael Mullin says the controversial Catholic organization portrayed in the book, The Da Vinci Code has members so worried about public opinion that they have thrown their damage control into high gear. However, their biggest problem may not be the runaway best seller by Dan Brown, but instead, a little known book called, War of the Angels by Michael Mullen. With Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei emphatically defends itself by reiterating that Brown’s book is fiction. But War of the Angels is published as “non-fiction,” and how it portrays Opus Dei is shocking even for Opus Dei accusers. Mullen goes so far as to say that Opus Dei is a derivative of the ancient order of Satanic Druids who called themselves, “OPVS DAI.” Besides being spiritually on the dark side as recorded by General Julius Caesar, Mullen portrays them as murderers who even assassinated Pope John Paul I. In October of 1978, Mullen was finishing a book about the U.S.S. Indianapolis (the infamous WWII ship portrayed in the movie JAWS), based upon top secret papers released to him by President Gerald Ford prior to his leaving the White House. Suddenly, Mullen claims that a spiritual being removed him from his body and said, “Be still. Know that I AM.” The being showed him a vision of Pope John Paul I, then said, “Murder.” That was the author’s first encounter with Opus Dei, and the ordeals have continued for more than a quarter-century. War of the Angels also recounts a 1979 supernatural encounter warning that the price of oil would be the catalyst for World War Three. The manuscript was first published in August, 2001, just three weeks prior to the World Trade Center disaster. At that time, Mullen was adding a final chapter to his book about Middle East terrorism escalating onto American soil. He penned those words as he lived with Mohamad Atta and his terrorist flight crew, at the time of their flight training.



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            June 3rd, 2006            

Dr. Bill Deagle

Weaponization of Avian Flu


Dr. Bill Deagle 06.03.06

Dr Bill Deagle MD is a prolife Messianic Christian physician of nearly 30 years practice in Family, Internal, Trauma, Toxicological, Occupational, Environmental and Military Medicine. He has provided care to Gulf One veterans poisoned with DU and vaccines; SDI, Eschelon / World ID at Schriver AFB, Falcon, CO; Iridium Satellite, Atmel Corp, Lockheed Martin, Storage Tech, Sun Microsystems, Rockwell Corp, and Directed Energy Weapons, and Operation Dark Winter and Top Off in Colorado in the late 1990s with FBI, CDC, and FEMA in conjuction with Infectious Disease from U of Colorado Medical and the VA Hospital with state Hazmat and EMT top special ops officers; Rock Flat environmental monitoring and the monitoring of employees moving chemical, biological and nuclear materials and warheads across Colorado territory.  He has accumulated considerable information on the Weaponization of Avian Flu by the WHO, NIAI, and CDC, the planned world pandemic and the coming American Hiroshima with preplaced weapons.   Dr Bill has had access to info re DUMB1 bases and nuclear tunneling technical projects connecting these underground cities, our off-world space programs, and advanced technologies for mind-control and genetic modification as well as cyborg human  augmentation by military.   

The main website is www.NutriMedical.com and soon www.CLAYandIRON.com with many health, wellness and nutraceuticals as well as free audiofiles, news, and learning center at www.NutriMedical.com with phone consults, interviews and orders at 888-212-8871.


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May 27th,  2006 

Hannah Billups

Hannah Tells What Happened When She Was  Abducted



   Hannah Billups  07.15.06

   Hannah/Mark Billups  07.01.06

   Request for Proof 

   Hannah Billups   05.27.06

   Hannah and Sylvia   Day before Abduction

   Hannah's  Premonition

   Hannah Billups 10.22.05




Hannah Billups is coming on the program to tell her story of how she was confronted in her own house by men in black. They were able to read her mind and tried to convert her to the NWO with a government manual and CD's that explained how to levitate and remote view into the future.


She will tell us how they blocked her escape at the bottom of her isolated mountain and took her to a secret underground base in Denver. There she saw other prisoners, aliens and plans of The New World Order


She has a warning that things are as close to the "Time of Jacobs Troubles" as you can get before the country is thrown into turmoil.


She is planning to describe the place she was taken to and the horrible things she saw.  Do not miss this interview!


Hannah is in hiding at this time.









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