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Daniel Ott is the host of The Edge Television Broadcast. On The Edge,  Daniel examines Politics, Religion, Unexplained Mysteries Conspiracy Realities,  along with your e-mails,  calls  and Special Guests. The Edge also brings in some fun stuff along the way!


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  - Listener Comments -

HI Daniel.

Thanks for your program. There are a lot of interesting guests.You really help make the show  and when some guests don't do so well you literally carry the show. You also help make sense when I don't get at all what they're saying.


I have to say BY FAR from all the shows I've listened to from the EDGE which is ALL of them, the interview with Diana McClinitic is by the far the MOST HILARIOUS show I have ever listened to!! I laughed and laughed and laughed! I had such a hard belly laugh that it brought me to my knees!! Superb! Thank you for an entertaining 2 hours, but especially the last hour! Oh my Goodness!!

David from Ft. Wayne, IN.

Let me say that with many guests I've been amazed at how you've handled guests that personally I'd have liked to dismember piece by piece {verbally and intellectually of course}.  I admire that about you, and your show.


Hi Daniel. I wanted to compliment you on last Saturdays interview with Ms. Barrett. You did an A+ Job, you were patient, curious, open,and...made me want to listen to your interviews again next week. You kicked ass...




I think your a GREAT Host Daniel there is no one else out there like you or the things that you do on your show.

your friend

Bill S.                    

The guest sure hated you using His Bible quotes against himself hahahahaha. Nice one Daniel. . . I'm proud & so is Jesus for you challenging him about his own quotations about the Lord. Sounds like he has mixed allot of beliefs into one pot with the end result.... Minestrone soup! hhahaha. look forward to the next show... can't wait.  Be who your are, don't change Daniel.
God Bless.

I like the way you have woven some of my questions into interviews - quite deftly - without asking directly. Keep up the good work, and thanks much,

Calgary, Alberta


keep the show going fight fight fight kick ass!



Hi Daniel ..another good show. No doubt you are squared away in understandings and truth. In a world where up is down, left is right, etc. etc. and reasonable extrapolation of reality is absent it is good to have one such as yourself to have around. Perhaps one day we will have the opportunity to meet.


Thanks, Tom

Hi Daniel, thanks for great show your style of interviewing and verbal debate is top class well done, here in Ireland we could never have a show like yours everything here is main stream and secular as hell, Id also like to thank you and your Christian guests for changing my catholic doctrine, and me becoming a Christian, so thank you Daniel ,


Keep up the good work.


Just want you to know you're one heck of a host! I'm not trying to get sticky just want you to know it's great to see the way you treat EVERYONE  with such respect and that is probably why I hear such sincerity when they say they want to come back to "The Edge". Your doing a good job.

Later Bill


Hi Daniel,

The interview was great!  My wife and I listened intently during the entire interview.  You really got Mr. Deckard to open up and speak some worthwhile comments.  Your interview with Mr. Deckard was FAR, FAR better than Stan Johnsonís interview!!!!!!!!!  Thanks very much for having a great radio program.  We love ya a lot.

 Kevin and Ruth


Great shows. Very good interviews. Art Bell, George Noory have nothing on you. It drives me crazy when they have to drag their show out for three hours and fill the air time with  mindless dribble. You ask good questions. You get to the point.

Well, I'll be listening often. Thanks for making them available on the net. I don't remember how I found you but I'm glad I did.

Richard Rapp



You do know its ended up being loads of us staying up with, pizzas, sandwiches, beers etc just to listen to your show together on sat nights (early morning for us ). We cannot describe how fantastic your show is ! There is no way we have any thing remotely like this in Wales UK . Can you imagine the BBC allowing your show to be aired here lol. I have even heard some ISP wont carry your show to the UK and most of Europe. 

We are the "UNGUOOD FEW OF BRITAIN " Keep it Comin Danny boy Your growing in the UK  

All our Love and Prayers Donna unguood Woodruff




You are one of the best radio hosts I have ever come across. Your weekly show is the most interesting and informative media any Truth Seeker could wish for. You are charming, professional and a fantastic listener. No other talk show host comes anywhere near this mark in my opinion. Even if you don't agree with some of things your guests talk about, you allow them to talk and you do not argue and talk over them. Your honest an fair approach is a rarity. Thank you very much indeed for this superb entertainment.
Andy UK



Your unconventional interview style is great.  With questions out of left field, a good sense of humor and a non-confrontational manner, you manage to wring lots of info out of your guests. God blesses those who sincerely search for Truth, because He knows that Truth is His Son, our dear Savior Jesus.

Keep up the excellent work.


I read about your quest for Truth...wherever it leads, and applaud that goal completely. 


Marshall Hall

I'm grateful that you give a voice to the Word of Truth! The show has blessed me. I'm grateful, and may you and your show be blessed. I'm grateful that you provide a place for the truth to be spoken. The show isn't too 'religious' or 'religious' even-- it's in the heart of seeking the truth!I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the authentic 'Christian' speakers.
Keep it up!



I would like to say that of all the talk show hosts I've listened to, there are none as honest and refreshing as you. I like that you are not afraid to ask the "real" questions. Keep up the great work you are doing, as long as the "powers that be" allow us to use the internet.

Peace and blessings to you  and yours Daniel.

Mr.Ott,  I want to thank you for providing awesome archives for free. I  love the web site as well. It is easy to navigate, informative, and creative. Your show is awesome. Keep it up! You have a new dedicated fan. God bless, Eric


Hi Daniel,

Keith from England(10minutes away from Stonehenge)! I am a hacked off Christian who is simply "well pleased" with the show you host. Truth is more precious than anything in this age of willful bullshit, so a huge blessing to you and the team for allowing free thinking in a spiritually dark age. Aint nothing like the Edge-the truth is setting us free. love ya man,  Keith XXX


Hello and thank you Daniel, fantastic web site this. You may from time to time get some folk like Patrick Heron who seem a bit way out with their thinking but by and large you are to be congratulated for the top quality people you coax on to your show, men like Al Cuppett and Texe Marrs, no wonder you get millions of hits per month. Thanks be to God sites like theedgeam.com still shout the truth load and clear, praise God. God bless you Daniel and all those who make this web site possible. In Christ together because He lives.





Hi Daniel,

I really like your show and although I have can not listen live, time zones are a problem as I live in England, I try to download every one of them. I really appreciate the job The Edge does, the fact you do not charge for downloads and although I don't always agree with your guests I try to keep an open mind. I also really enjoy the fact that you have people talking about all manner of different subjects. Keep up the good work!



Hi Daniel, First please let me express how much I love your shows and your website.  I am a great fan of yours and send your website out to all my relatives that live in South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand and never mind my friends in this country.  Your are truly the best and I thank you from the bottom of this big old heart of mine for your wisdom and excellent deliverance of your shows.




Greetings Daniel,

I was pleasantly surprised and happy you had the good mind and sense to have Dr Bill Deagle as your guest. The man is brilliant and I love him to impart the knowledge he has in all areas.  I listen to him as often as I can. Thank you for having him on and I hope you will have him back soon.  I enjoy your program and get others to listen as well....

God bless you,


Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for the radio interview w/ TEXE MARRS!  He is one of my favorites along w/ Alex Jones, Steven Quayle & Stan Deyo, etc.  Thanks again for the opportunity you afford those who seek & find & present the truth to your listeners! 



Dear Daniel,

You are one brave soul covering such diverse and controversial topics with your radio program. May God anoint you with faith and courage in the trouble times ahead.


Yours sincerely,

A fellow researcher of various biblical topics, paranormal and the emerging New World Order.

Mr. Ott,
I am a new listener to your show.  Although I can't listen when you are on live, I listen to your show by downloading your interviews, and then copying them to my MP3 player.  So far, I've done a lot of downloading. I look forward to your new shows, even though I have only been listening about 3 weeks.  I can't believe I've never heard of your show before! 

Again, keep up the good work.  Your show is fun and informative, even when you have the "out-there" people on.


I respect your show a lot, I listen to it all the time. Great stuff, better than Coast to Coast. I don't think there is much truth at all with Coast to Coast... but with The Edge it's no wonder this is banned in places! lol!


God bless Daniel Ott


Kendall from Connecticut

Daniel, Iíve been listening to your mp3ís now for the last 3 three weeks. You do an excellent job! Great questioning skills. Keep up the great work. 


Anaheim, Ca.

Hi Daniel:

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your show, and in
particular with you. You are a superb interviewer who listens well and ask all the right questions, without being judgmental or opinionated. Your show is very timely and deals with extremely important issues.

As you say we are "Discovering the truth together!"

Best wishes for continued success.

John J.
Vancouver, BC.



Your interview with Tom Horn was absolutely spectacular!!  I also listen to the Q-Files that Tom referred to, and he talked about things on your show that he didn't discuss on the Q-Files.  Keep up the good work!!



New Mexico


Iíve enjoyed listening to many of your broadcasts, here in Alaska via the internet. Thanks so much!!!

Jeff Fenske
Anchorage, Alaska

I enjoy your show and, although I can't hear it live, I always listen to the archived show on Monday. I would like to hear a little more variety, however. I love listening to people who relate things happening today with the Bible, people like Chuck Misler, Sherri Shriner, Brooks Agnew, Hugh Ross and Glenn Kimball. But I also love hearing shows about other paranormal events/alternative history featuring people like Jonathan Grey, Loren Coleman, William Michael Mott and Peter Von Puttkamer.

I'll listen anyway, of course, because you put on a good show with topics other shows won't tackle. Thanks for all you do.

Jason Offutt

You are interviewed by Art Bell, George Noory, and Ian Punnett and flatter them with finesse

You converse with Hilly Rose, Whitley Strieber and or even James Aurther Jancik and baffle them with bull.

But don't let Daniel Ott take hold, or else your cooked; your done, you will certainly be caught by your works, and exposed to your own fiction.

-Linda Harbin

Daniel: You have a God-given gift of being a tremendous interviewer. You make your guests feel at ease and let them finish answering your questions, instead of interrupting them with another question. You also reel them back in if need be to get back on the subject matter. When I hear your guests answering a question, I think to myself "Daniel, follow up with this question", sure enough you ask them the question I was thinking about. Keep up the great ministry. Tim Cook-Estero, Fl.


Greetings Daniel,

Love your site and interviews and seeking for Truth .....this is AWESOME stuff and a very good approach...seems many have some part of truth! I am praying for ya so stay strong and very courageous in all you do and fear not! 


Daniel, I "discovered"" your show about a month ago and enjoy your topics and guests very much. You hit a homerun with Michael Tsarion and your interview. The world needs thousands of shows like yours to wake us up to the lies and misinformation feed daily to us. Keep up the great work!

Richard Dill

I value your programme very much, and I look forward to listening again. Over here in the Netherlands we do not have such programms. I think that you are doing a good thing for the benefit of truth.

Jetze van der Meulen

I want to compliment you on the gentle way you handled Hannah's interview.  Most broadcasters would not have the patience for that approach.

You were so funny when you didn't know what "oldtimey" meant! You need to travel more!

Frances in Minneapolis

Dear Daniel,

Daniel without a doubt you are the best host on the internet. I like the way you conduct your interviews, and the archives are surpassed by none. I wish you continued success and the best of health.


Warmest regards

Anthony Piscione                             


It takes a lot for me to sing the praises of others unless it is well deserved:  If there is a Web Site, or show to beat yours, I have yet to find it:  You win praise not just on any single issue, but on all your web site, and show has to offer:  our balance in all aspects, from formats to length of interviews, mixed with your own interviewing skills deserves top marks: For what its worth, please accept my congratulations coupled with my admiration for your set-up:



Gordon Mills

Great shows. Very good interviews. Art Bell, George Noory have nothing on you. It drives me crazy when they have to drag their show out for three hours and fill the air time with  mindless dribble. You ask good questions. You get to the point. Well, I'll be listening often. Thanks for making them available on the net. I don't remember how I found you but I'm glad I did.

Richard Rapp

One, if not the best interview programs around, Beats Coast and Rense by miles.  Great host, great guests.  Keep up the excellent work. I'm glad to have found this site.

Go Daniel go.

Hello, Mr. Ott!

This is Kevin writing to you. Just a few words to tell you I've been listening to some of your archives, and found them rather interesting!   While I'm not a conspiracy buff or overly invested in the spiritual, I do have an taste for the forte an and the higher realms. Good show! I doubt I'll ever listen to your radio live (it would come at 4 am in France? )  Anyway, I'm leaving you, and thanking you again for your show.

Kevin, a geek from France.

Dear Daniel, I listen to The Edge broadcast all the time! It's my favorite radio show and quite frankly much better then the ones that charge a fee! I loved your interviews with Stephan Schroeder. The things he spoke about are things that I have been led into for many years now! I think his message is Very important and I hope you will have him back as a returning guest.
Keep Up The Good Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Sincerely, Donna Stoughton.

I listen to your show weekly, I think you do a good job.  Your show is kind of like a Christian Coast to Coast AM, which is a good thing. 
May Jesus(Yashua) bless you much.

"It is better to be divided by truth than united in error; it is better to speak truth that hurts and then heals than to speak a lie; it is better to be hated for telling the truth than to be loved for telling a lie; it is better to stand alone with truth than to be wrong with the multitude."
Your show is great,
Scotland - UK

Free radio is dying out fast. Thank goodness you are holding the line with your show! Continue to keep it free.

I am a new listener and you have a great format with interesting, articulate speakers. Keep up the good work you are doing.



Richie Gutierrez


 This is a cool internet radio show. This is where I get most of my "controversial info" that churches don't really talk about. I'm always asking my pastors all the hard questions that I know the answers to (or at least I think I do) and they can't give me an answer or they change the subject. I can't believe it. Anyway, Daniel Ott is the man and if you ever need any new cool music for your show, let me know man. I'm a musician, producer/engineer. Peace.


Hi Daniel,
This is Mark in southern California.
Keep up the good work, we appreciate you.

Thank you for the fascinating radio shows.  Keep on keepin' on!

Rory O Moore

Hello Daniel,

First, let me congratulate you for the wonderful job you are doing. I have always believed that we need these kind of programs to better know ourselves!

Dear Daniel,  

GREAT show with Michael Horn! We REALLY like your attitude to truth, as stated on your very user-friendly website. 

You did a wonderful job and we're really glad that you just let Michael talk! I'm telling everyone about your show. 

You sure are out on the edge there in US America! Good work!  The truth IS out there, and the edge is MUCH further away from the USA than from the rest of the world! :-)

Hi Daniel:  Just found out about the Edge from an  email update from Michael Horn. I am in the process of going thru the audio archives now.  Have been listening to Coast for years and see no reason to make a choice between that and your show.  Why not both? And more more more...the subject matter is too fascinating to not become addicted to it.

Barbara Williams
Pittsburgh, PA

Good show Sat. evening with Katherine Albrecht!! Keep it up

...Tim Cook

Hi Daniel,

I just wanted to tell you that your interview with Dr. Agnew was fantastic.  I am a big fan of his and have listened to other interviews he has done but so far you have been the best.  You really asked him some great questions.  He also says so far you have been the best. I'm glad I found this site.  I put it on my favorites.

Keep up the good work!


Ward Jensen

Thanks for the free archives. I download and listen all the time. The silliest of all was Steven Gibbs! What a nutcase.


Totally unbelievable...has critical thought totally disappeared in the world? I listen for the humor...

Thanks to your archives, I have been able to listen to your interview with Craig Winn. I just want to commend you for having him on. Way to go, guys!

Bravo Daniel Ott, producers and anyone else affiliated with bringing us the truth- no matter how offensive it may be to some.                                                        


Bonjour Daniel Ott,

Yes Jesus was love and the one in the bible speaking the more  of hell to warn the people, so your website is the pure expression of the manifestation of the love so the grace of salvation could be found. 
hellpage.com is a inspiration from above and a real blessing to those who love and search truth to salvation and consecration. Thank you once again for your time, money and caring love.
ŗ bientŰt,

Dear Daniel:

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed myself Saturday night with our interview. I want you to know that you are a superior interviewer.  You were much more thorough and fast-paced than my other interviews. Again, thank you so much for your great demeanor and awesome style.
You pleased guest

Hi Daniel,
Just visited your website and love your program!

Greetings Daniel,
I listened to your audio on the interview you did with Brooks Agnew....WOW WOW WOW !

I stumbled upon your site via some other site's after hearing of Brooks thru Coast to Coast who had him on not too long ago. Thank you so much for making the audio available to listen to without having to pay for membership, I really appreciate that greatly.



Hi Daniel.


I just want to let you know I really enjoy the show.  I've been listening for over 6 months and I learned many things from the show both worldly  and spiritually. Great show and thank you


Outstanding site! These are the themes that are driving all the real news in the world today. I think Daniel is affecting the universe in a very profound way.


I live in Missouri (close to Kansas City) and have listened to paranormal radio for a long time. Unfortunately, the only paranormal program I receive here has changed in recent years (Coast to Coast) and my listening has fallen off. However, I did a Web search recently and stumbled upon The Edge Radio Broadcast. You do a terrific job. Due to my schedule, I can't listen live on the Internet, but I listen to your past shows quite often. I just wanted to tell you you've got a new listener. Keep up the good work.



Thanks for the show Daniel!


Dear Daniel, 

First of all, I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your program.  I live in Midland, Texas and just recently introduced to your program by David Eells.

Jo Ann

Keep up the good work, I have enjoyed your program ever since I discovered it a few months ago.  May God bless you and keep you!


I just came across your program and found some real fascinating shows. I'm listening from North Royalton, a suburb of Cleveland Ohio

Thank you, Irene

   Hi I'm a new fan of your show, and Christian who enjoy that the topics that we really need to here today. I'm only able to get your show by internet. Thank you for your "End Time Topics". Christians really need to here the truth today.


And greetings from Saint Louis. Your website is fantastic btw.

My friends and I look forward to Daniel Ott Night at my house every Saturday Night...You are the BEST!
Joyce from New Jersey

God bless you Daniel, you did a good interview tonight.  Thank you again for your show and courage in asking the tough questions. 


Wow Craig Winn was your best guest yet! And I think you have the most in depth talk show out there. This guy is a great source of information. I would like to hear him talk more about the scriptures and the church. Hope to hear him again soon! Thanks for the MP3 downloads. I appreciate your honesty!


You have one of the top 5 best Web Sites in the World.  It's instructive, informative, veracious (for the great majority of the infos), fun, ...


Oh I really enjoy your show and I would just like to say keep up the great work!

I want to know the TRUTH! Keep up the good work and God bless you.

Allen, Tennessee

Just wanted to thank Daniel for his great work. I enjoy listening to his guests and appreciate the fact that he is willing to stand out on the "Edge". At the same time, he seems well versed in the subject matter itself and is NOT AFRAID to voice his opinions as well.

The closest subject matter to "the Edge" is coast to coast am with George Noorey. I have to say that Daniel blows that show right out of the water. He's a better interviewer and the subject matter is closely related but FAR BETTER HERE. AWSUME!

God Speed, Steve

Hi Daniel, great show! I am a long time listener of Art Bell. It is nice to hear similar info from another source.


Thanx - Jephro


Daniel you have some of the most fabulous guests on your radio program.

Thanks, Rinaldo


May YHVH continue to bless you  in continued growth and keep you in the merit of Rebbe Yahushua. 


Be Well, Chaya-Esther

Again, really great show Dan. The site looks fantastic and I really dig your whole set up here. I'll check out your archives, and try to become a regular Saturday night listener...


Michael, Indiana

Dear Mr. Ott
I recently heard your interview with Mr. Baruch. I was amazed at the similarity of his visions and what the Lord has dealt with me about concerning the last days and the future of America.


God bless you,
In Christ,
James Foard

I'm a new listener and just heard the show with Dr Hugh Ross. I've heard him on several other shows and was impressed at your questions. The other hosts usually ask the same questions or so poorly educated that they are unable to ask intelligent follow-ups.


Keep up the good quality radio!!

Tony Methvin in TN

Hello Daniel,  excellent show you have..


Bruce Davis, California

Dear Brother in Christ Daniel, Thank you SO MUCH! It was a privilege to be on your excellent broadcast. I pray many eyes were opened to the truth by that broadcast.


God bless you, Pam

I wanted to tell you what a great service you are doing and how much I admire you for doing it. Keep up the good work!


Jerry, Indianapolis


Dear Mr. Ott,

Thank you so much for providing the streamline of Brother Benjamin Baruch on your radio broadcast online for FREE.  You don't know what it means to me, a woman of God. 

Michelle Dulin
Denver, CO

An Excellent Site and show: Thank you for the archives and all the other good things. You put most sites to shame. Well Done: I wish you every success.



Gordon Mills

I am buying a computer so I can listen to ALL your interviews.



Jimmy P.


Dear Mr. Daniel Ott

I only heard of your program show via Benjamin Baruch. I checked out your website and liked it very much - more so because you are not afraid to express any Christian topics and experiences. There is sincerity in your show.


Mario Ayala,


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share on the radio...


Thanks again,

Benjamin Baruch

Hi Daniel,


I would just like to thank you for having me on your show. It was fantastic talking with you. I shall look forward to coming on with you again.


Best wishes


I'm looking forward to enjoy more of Jeff Nyquists insights.
Thank you 
Rickey Vice
Honolulu, HI





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