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Daniel Ott is the host of The Edge Television Broadcast. On The Edge,  Daniel examines Politics, Religion, Unexplained Mysteries Conspiracy Realities,  along with your e-mails,  calls  and Special Guests. The Edge also brings in some fun stuff along the way!


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The Edge is now making available to you a chance to speak your views and beliefs to the world. Discovering the Truth Together means allowing you to participate as well on this journey. Fill in the short form below, then you can upload your audio track. Listener tracks will be played on Thursdays all day long. You can make the track 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour. Send track in mp3 form.


YOUR TOPIC   What you'll talk about


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Important Please Read

Deadline for content is Friday of each week, but we cannot guarantee your MP3 will be used the following Thursday. We will try to inform you when your show  is going to be aired.


Tips for making a good show

Recording your own presentation appears daunting, sustaining a monologue for 15 minutes to 1 hour, without mistakes, virtually impossible; this can put some people off. Add the latter to the fact that most people find the sound of their own voice odd, unprofessional and at worst silly, it is amazing how any of us create any recorded material. Rest assured,  we are our own worst critics. This criticism about ourselves is unfounded.

The benefits of using audio software means that you do not have to launch into a complete presentation, you can record your information one paragraph at a time, save it then join it together to form a complete show. It is, however, a good idea to write down your information first, as this will enable you to state what you want to say with accuracy. It is very common to have the perfect sentence in your head for it only to be lost when you approach the microphone – it happens to all of us. This is why documentary narrators work from a script. The beauty about writing your own script is that you can take your time and wait for the right words to flow. The fact that you will be working from a script means you cannot be lost for words. Having said that, don’t expect to create the perfect recording first time out, you may need to go through a few ‘Takes’ beforehand. Again, this is very common. Your script can be anything from scribbled words on paper to a printed word-processed document. The method doesn’t matter; the words do.

Audacity, the audio software, suggested in the following link (Click Here), is an extremely good, professional, and FREE open source program. It will allow you to record in blocks and edit these together to create a complete show. Depending on the power of your computer, it will also allow you to add an ambient music score, but try not to drown out your own voice. We would prefer the finished file to be saved as a 32bit MP3, but any standard audio file will do. We can convert them for you – if we have the time. Before emailing us, please compress your show into a WinZip (or other compressed) file, if possible.

Please read the help files associated with your recording software.

Alternative Methods.

If you don't feel like recording a presentation write your information down and send it us, we will read it out for you. Some people have a strong, artistic manner and truth often comes out in song or prose. If you have recorded a song or written a poignant poem we will gladly play it or read it on air for you.

Subject Matter

Most of you know this, but browse the Edge Radio Broadcast's website and forum to get a feel of the content that interests us and our listeners. Your subject matter can be anything from religious or political commentary or your experiences and opinion of the unexplained.

Printed, recorded, and live media is governed by laws of copyright.

The Edge Radio Broadcast reserves the right to edit or not use material containing slander. How can you avoid us doing this?  
Please do not launch into personal attacks on people that do   not think like you.

Accept people’s opinions with grace and disagree with equal grace.

People who make public statements or are in the public eye (such as politicians, celebrities and, yes, radio hosts, should be open to criticism), This criticism, however, has to be founded on a basis of researched fact and sited in your presentation.

One must remember that making public statements is different from conversing privately with friends.

At this time, stating a belief or opinion is not illegal (depending on the country you live in). You can say: “I have researched what I believe to be the facts and in my opinion Mr or Mrs. Blogs appears to be doing this that and the other.” If you state a belief or opinion based on another individual's hearsay, it could and often does lead to problems. If you have stated facts based on weak evidence, belief or opinion, be prepared for a well-researched reply. This may prove embarrassing for you. If you are prepared to make a public statement, you must be prepared for public questions and answers, it is only fair. Research and accuracy is the KEY

Please make sure you have done your research, because you might be asked for it, maybe by us, but more likely by the person you are talking about. It is good practice to release your research to interested parties, for they have a right of reply to you and it could strengthen your presentation. Anyway, most journalists or people writing blogs and voicing statements  expect and want a reply to their comments,  
it helps to substantiate or refute the facts.





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