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May 9th, 2009  8:00 PM EST

Daniel and Jamie

Taking your calls!  Live!


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Something freaky happen to you? Seen a ghost , monster, alien or just had a scary nightmare?  Don't agree with something a guest said or even something the host said? Now's your chance to tell your story with Daniel and Jamie on the air.


Share your true story with the  Edge listening audience. Forum users, now's your time to spout off on the air.  Have a guest suggestion, call and tell us who you would like to hear and why. The show will be recorded so you can listen tomorrow.


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May 2nd, 2009

Joe Montaldo

Alien Abductions and Sightings

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Joseph Montaldo is Co-Founder, International Director, and Spokesperson for I.C.A.R. the International Community for Alien Research. (www.icar1.com) Originally affiliated with MUFON as an Investigator, Mr. Montaldo became disenchanted with the lack of information being shared with the general public. His first step in furthering public awareness was establishing a personal website (www.alienenigma) in 1998. Later, the I.C.A.R. site (www.icar1.com) was added to the Internet.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1963, he attended area private schools before joining the U.S. Navy. While in the Navy, Joe earned three degrees in Advanced Electronics and Avionics. In April of 2004, Mr. Montaldo began hosting the Wake Up USA a UFO Study talk show. He is now host of the new radio program, "UFO Undercover". UFO Undercover is an Internet talk show that allows the host and his guest to interact and answer questions with the virtual audience thru the Internet and by telephone via a toll free number.

During his time as host for these radio programs, Joe has interviewed most of ufology’s personalities. In the process he has gained many friends in the community as well as the opportunity to work to ward his goal of ufologist and the public sharing information openly. Having been an investigator for almost 30 years, Joe Montaldo is extremely knowledgeable on UFOs, Alien Abductions, Star Children, Indigo Children, Milabs, Government Involvement, and all matters involved in Ufology.

In an effort to go directly to the public, a chat room was opened on Pal Talk under Social Issues-ICAR UFO Alien Phenomena-Voice Room. This chat room provides a place for people to exchange ideas, share experiences and find personal help dealing with Alien Contact.

I.C.A.R., starting as a grassroots organization, is now established with members in 11 countries. While UFO sightings are always investigated, I.C.A.R.’s main focus is on Alien Abductions and the Alien Agenda. I.C.A.R. members and Joe have investigated over 5000 cases of Alien contact and abductions. In 2005, Montaldo and members of I.C.A.R. provided press coverage in Washington D.C. at the X-Conference as well as the last 2 crash retrieval conference and the 2006 Laughlin conference also in 2006 Mr. Montaldo was placed on the board of the Exopolitics institute where he advises in alien abduction and media areas. www.exopoliticsinstitute.org/advisory-board-PP&M.htm

Mr. Montaldo has been featured in newspaper articles, radio talk shows and speaks at area meetings as well as hosting his Wednesday night talk show.

“My future goal is to gain information for I.C.A.R. and share it with the Public. The public needs to understand what is going on with alien contact, and exactly what the alien agenda is.”

Guest Main Website

Additional Website


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April 25th, 2009

Dr. John Turner

Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations


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Dr. John L. Turner is the author of Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations: A Doctor's Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences and Universal Energy a nonfiction narrative about the surgical career and spiritual quest of  his evolutionary journey into the field of Integral Medicine. After graduating from the Ohio State University with a degree in engineering physics, Dr. Turner continued in graduate school at the Ohio State University, Department of Physics.

Three years into the PhD program, he was given a book about Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet. This changed the course of his life! He was excited about the existence of a spiritual world.  As a physicist and surgeon, Dr. John Turner's curiosity drove him to explore nontraditional healing modalities. Other-worldly events began the first day he was on call on the Big Island of Hawai'i. As time passed, he realized that a book was in the making, a book about his spiritual journey which included methods of healing and spiritual pathways not customarily taught in medical training programs. These techniques include the practice of Johrei (Mr. Mokichi Okada's healing art of Japan), chanting, soul travel and astral projection (as espoused by Eckankar, Robert Bruce and others). Many readers will have an interest in or will be familiar with the concept of Remote Viewing (as developed by Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Russell Targ at the Stanford Research Institute). Dr. Turner describes his training in Technical Remote Viewing by Psi Tech (Major Ed Dames and Ms. Joni Dourif) and the subsequent use of this art in medical diagnosis and treatment

Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations reveals how metaphysical events such as remote viewing, telepathy, consciousness  and  life-after-death  are  demonstrations of the manner in which the human  brain  interfaces  with the universal energy.


Guest Website

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April 18th, 2009

Dr. Grady McMurtry

(Former 20 Year Evolutionist)

Evolution vrs Scientific Creation

Video Interview      

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Dr. Grady McMurtry is president of Creation Worldview Ministries were they  reintroduce fact and perspective into debates which have been dominated by pseudoscience and, thus, help to improve public understanding of the Bible's incredibly accurate perspective on the origins and history of our world.

Secular presentations will also be made to promote intellectual honesty, circumspect views and critical thinking concerning the question of origins.

Questions we will be talking about in the interview:

  • It's A Young World After All
    Scientific evidences for a young earth/universe.

  • Creationist View of Marriage
    The role of man and woman as God originally planned it.

  • The Ark of Noah
    An in-depth look at the physical/spiritual aspects of Noah's Ark.

  • "The Road to Man"?
    No evidence exists to support the evolution of Man.

  • Natural Selection - Really?
    Is Natural Selection a proof for evolution or creation? 

  • Great Questions in Genesis
    Troubling questions from Genesis 1-11.

  • The Fingerprint of God
    Proof that the Earth was made instantaneously.

  • Light from Distant Galaxies
    What about light from distant Universes

  • Complexity of the Universe
    Facts proving the eternal infinite value and worth of people.

  • 9 "Proofs" for Evolution
    Why they are all false.

  • Laws of Science/Laws of God
    The facts of scientific Laws prove disprove evolution.

  • Origin of Life
    Is chemical evolution even possible in nature?

  • The History of the World
    The History of the world as told by the Creator God.

  • Is Evolution Possible?
    Mathematics proves evolution impossible.

  • Genetics and Homology
    Common Ancestor or Common Designer?

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April 11th, 2009

Tejan Lone Eagle

Worst Case Scenario Disaster Preparedness

Video Interview      

Audio Interview      

Tejan Lone Eagle has been doing free lectures on "Worst Case Scenario Disaster Preparedness" for over eleven years now. He covers both man-made and natural disaster and how to prepare for them in a four hour class. Tejan is a very avid adventurer, outdoorsman, survivalist and traveler who has traveled to over forty-five countries around the world.  A seventh generation Texan and descendent of the Comanche Indians, he was raised on a small ranch in the hill country region of Texas close to nature and Mother Earth.  He learned many of his early outdoor knowledge and skills from his grandmother and when he was in the Boy Scouts.  While growing up, he and his family lived off the land for over eighteen months without electricity or running water. 

He and his family also survived a house fire and several natural disasters that include a major flood, several range fires, a hurricane, two severe ice storms, a very deadly tornado, and a major dust/sand storm.  He furthered his survival knowledge and skills while serving for twenty years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. During his many deployments around the world, he worked several Natural Disaster and Humanitarian Relief Operations in Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. His combat tours included Panama, the Gulf War in 1990/91, the Cold War in 1991 and the Iraq War in 2004/05.  He still works in the medical field and currently lives with his wife and children in New Mexico

If folks have any survival questions, they can reach Tejan at tloneeagle@yahoo.com


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April 4th, 2009

Michael Bodea

The Final Warning

Video Interview      

Audio Interview      

Mike Boldea  was born in a small northern Romanian Village.  At the age of nine, his entire family was deported from Romania for smuggling Bibles.  His grandfather, Dumitru Duduman started an outreach ministry called “Hand of Help” of which Mike is now Chairman.

Mike  has traveled internationally with Dumitru for over 11 years acting as Dumitru’s translator.  They shared their testimonies, as well as an important message God gave Dumitru for the United States.

Recently Mike has translated the book entitled “ Life In Christ “ which  Dumitru had penned prior to his death.  The testimonies of those that were persecuted for their faith must live on to build up the body of Christ.  Mike continues to operate in his gift as an Evangelist to exhort the body of Christ to present itself with a garment clean before our Lord. 

Michael has a strong Christian heritage coming from a line of 4 generations of Christians. In the village of Hinceste Romania  his Great grandfather was one of the first Christians converted there and his grandfather was a pastor and his father pastors the “Messiah” church in Botosani Romania with over 800 members. Their  family worked with Richard Wurmbrandt, Harlan Popoff, and  brother Andrew  taking bibles to the underground Church.

Michael has seen the presence of God in accomplishing the work that his family was called to. In the face of great persecution and opposition thousands of bibles were given to the Christians of Romania even though it was punishable by imprisonment if caught. His grandfather Dumitru Duduman did suffer greatly being imprisoned for his faith. Under extreme torture he never recanted his faith and stands as a witness of faithfulness to this day in Romania.


Guest Website


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March 28th, 2009

Freeman Fly

HAARP, Goddess and Synchronicity

Video Interview      

Audio Interview      

Here's a little info and such. Freeman is an internationally known, award-winning TV producer in Austin, Texas. He graduated Interdisciplinary Studies with honors and studied Ancient Architecture at Kansas University. Freeman has made it his life's work to unveil the mysteries on planet earth. He devotes his life to love, patience, and information. You could say that he is an info junkie. His research has led him to make films on Corporate Logos and their Magical meanings, Columbia, the Illuminati Goddess, Ancient Astronauts and ETs, HAARP and Chemtrails. He hosts and produces "the Freeman Perspective", a live local broadcast on Public Access Community Television. Freeman admits to it all. He is bloodline of the Illuminati, son of a worshipful master that built nuclear missiles and chased flying saucers for Project "Blue Book". Freeman is witness to many of the high strange events currently manifesting on planet earth and wishes  to share what he has learned on his synchronistic path.

Freeman's website is www.freemantv.com


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March 21st, 2009

Benjamin Baruch

The Final Economic Destruction is Here


Video Interview      

Audio Interview      


The Day of the Lord is at HandBenjamin Baruch says that the economy is not in recession, not in depression. but is in the final Destruction stage. He said it is a mathematical and biblical certainty that these things are and will happen. He says that by the end of the year America will be totally and completely unrecognizable as a economic superpower. That third world conditions will exist here which will set the stage for nuclear wars while simultaneous earth and planetary anomalies will cause widespread calamities. He was on the Edge two years ago saying the economic collapse will happen to Wall Street and at that time pleaded will people to get their money out of the market, otherwise known as the beast system. His message is unique as Benjamin has been able to hear the audible voice of God throughout his life. In 1996, Benjamin was managing money on Wall Street and spent over a year in prayer seeking guidance from God on when to exit the stock market. Shortly after Benjamin's fortieth birthday, God answered. In a series of visions and audible revelations from God, Benjamin was shown the future of America.



Guest Website


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WARNING: Some listeners may be offended by the content of this discussion. The Edge is neither endorsing or denying the the tenets of the information that will be presented tonight.


March 14th, 2009

Lionel Parkinson

The Holy Virus


Video Interview      

Audio Interview      


Was Judaism high jacked by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. and was Christianity high jacked by the Romans in 325 A.D.?

Babylon's sacrificial Lamb ritual vs.
Israel's sacrificial Lamb Passover ritual

"The most important Assyro-Babylonian ritual was the new Year festival called The AKITU festival celebrated annually at Babylon in the spring, during the first 11 days of the month known in Babylon as Nissan."

"On the fifth day MARDUK'S temple Esagila was purified. A sacrificial Lamb was decapitated, its bleeding body rubbed around the temple to take upon itself all uncleanness, and finally the head and the body cast into the river which carried away all the uncleanness of the people."

"An animal could be put in place of the human being and an encantation used calling for the anger of the gods or demons to fall on the animal rather than the person."

From the four gospels of the 1611 King James Bible, find any personal quoted statements or scriptures coming from Jesus where Jesus himself states or teaches that he has come to shed his physical blood for the remission or atonement for anyone's sins. Find where he believed his physical shed blood on the cross would please his heavenly Father to the degree that the sins of anyone would be forgiven. If you can prove Jesus taught this doctrine - you receive $10,000.


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