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Daniel Ott is "The Cosmic Cowboy". He has been vetted by interviewing  hundreds of well known guests as well as the not so well known. In his own unique interview style Daniel has endeared his audience with his own brand of humor, knowledge and spontaneity. He has created a growing intelligent and dedicated fan base. Daniel will ask questions no other host could even think of. Enlightening, Entertaining and Controversial.



In June of 2003, Daniel walked into radio station WNTS 1590 AM in Indianapolis with a laptop to show the station manager Jim Wilson a concept for a brand new program called The Edge. Jim loved it and began training Daniel to operate the control board, telephones and run the station it self. Daniel's show was broadcasted for two years on that local AM station until Davison Media Group bought the station in 2005 and turned it into a purely Hispanic format. Daniel shifted his show to the Internet. The 800 number is controlled by contact center software to insure incoming calls are handled appropriately. With the additions of these technologies, Daniel is able to supply a superior show to his viewers. This shows with the number of fans the show has now. where he continued to developed the show, adding  Live streaming video,  a Live Chat, A Forum, Polls and a 800 number. The show now ranks number one Internet Broadcast Talk show according to www.ranking.com, the website now has over 6,000 other websites linked to it and has logged over 4.3 million viewed segments on the archived video

Daniel believes that truth; political, religious and secular are all connected. Listen to the interviews and conversations on The Edge Radio Broadcast and you will hear how Daniel makes that connection. There are mysteries out there that need to be heard.

Daniel's mix of knowledge, spirituality and zeal makes him the perfect interviewer for getting to the truth of the known and unknown  reality.  Daniel gets to the truth no matter where it leads.  Daniel also offers his views on The Edge as well as interviewing many knowledgeable guests. You will also get a few surprises along the way. "Discovering the Truth Together", is exactly what The Edge Radio Program is all about. Daniel is also available for interviews. He's not afraid to confront religious dogma on many subjects and not afraid to question those who would deny any existence outside of the warm and fuzzy life structure that surrounds us. Read what others say about Daniel. Tune into The Edge Saturday Nights for an exciting time of mind bending, soul searching truth seeking.

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